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Internet Culture PPC Teh Tradgey of teh Sunflower!!!
Author: Hikau Yagami
Fiction Rated: G - English - Romance/Tragedy - Reviews: 6 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 03-07-08 - In Progress

an; omg nes storie yay!!! n i used a spellcheck so ther!

once dere was agurl.her name wuz teh mostest aweson name eva! it was Hikary!111 she wuz a Member of the pppc n she was teh bestest agent der waz!
she waz soooo gd dat teh sunlower caled her in alon wit her patner teh mean n nasty Salexer (an i knw he haz a patner but idunt leik circe).
'Hikary' syed teh sunflower,
'i luv u' he siad.
Hikary n her patner gashed. 'what/1' shouted salazr
'but ur a flower1' shoyted hikary.'we cant!'
'im not a flower'cried teh sunflwoer.'im a human. i wyz a garystu n tis is muy punishment'

an; omg cliffie111 ill onlie update if i get at kest 3 reveiwz!!!!!

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