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Internet Culture PPC Makes-Things is Back!
Author: Burning Watier
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 1 - Published: 04-07-08 - Updated: 04-07-08 - Complete

It is boring in the Afterlife,Makes-Things thought one day.

Not enough babes(even though Arwen,Imbolc and {until she got resurrected} Jayacacia tried to make up for this).

I know! I'll resurrect myself!

Chanting powerful Korean latin spells,he created himself a new body clothed in black leather. After teleporting it to DoSAT,he then merged into it.

He was met by a huge mob of Babes.

The first one who managed to 'pleasure' him was Elanor Liasom. Next was Morticia(who was once mortic until he transformed himself using a magic wand). Then, Jay and Acacia; along with Selene and Narta(who was once Natro, until he used one of Daffyda's Sue Artefacts) pushed them away in order to show him their 'secret techniques'.

Once they were tired out,Architeuits and her minions picked up the slack,using all their'hidden knowledge'to
make him 'react positively' to their actions.

After that,Daffyda,Constance,Selene,Louise,Takua and Jartha used the 'secret arts' they learned from Valmiar to prove thier 'womanhood' to the Koren stud.

All the women in the PPC joined the Orgy(Except for Luxury and Maeluwien, who were being shipped together in a broom closet) and all the men turned themselves into women just for fun.

The only ones who avoided the rampant OOCness were Techno-Daan and Tess; who were on a 'special vacation' to Lond Daer at that time.

The End

HAHAHAHAHA!,said Melvin,High priest of the Cult of the Smut Carver.

Now that I've created the BADFIC OF DOOM,I will use it's words of EEEVIL to increase the unemployment rate on this puny New Caledonia town to 100 percent so that everyone will leave! Then,I will take over the City and use it as a base to overrun the entire Multiverse,fufilling my beloved Melba's legacy.


Suddenly,an enraged mob of Agents and Flowers portaled in,and shot him.


Bleep-products for everyone!

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