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Hello there, my name is Burning Visionary. I used to be called Burning Watier, before I saw the light of Honest Critic (any rumors that I am only sucking up to her for something called 'lulz' is Slander, and all who spread those will be reported to Admin) and her words. However, I have another loyalty that is totally compatible with hers and cannot be used to withdraw my strength from her cause (and those who say so are commiting Slander!).

My Prophetic dreams.

You see, PPC: Time of Judgement and EPC: Gehenna are not just stories, they are visions of things that will really happen to the PPC and EPC in the future. Fire will engulf the Word Worlds, and characters we saw as fixtures of both organizations will die. The Multiverse has a finite lifespan, and it will-

Hacked profile: As you can see, this author has gone insane. Honest Critic is a poser canon warrior who cannot even write any genre right, leading to fics whose only redeeming quality are their general coherence, which is only a vehicle for more subtle defilement. May the true PPC spork their fics both. I will wait for that day...
You’ve all heard how the PPC ended. Now is the EPC’s turn. [R | Action]
2009/07/10 - 2010/07/18
This is about the end of the PPC, which will totally be awesome. [R | Action]
A story about the love and life of Melba,the Smut Carver. [PG-13 | General]
Makes-Things is Back! [PG-13 | Romance]