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Internet Culture PPC The Love of Melba.
Author: Burning Watier
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 0 - Published: 06-07-08 - Updated: 06-07-08 - Complete

Melba was running through the corridors of HQ,thinking about the life she had lost forever.

Picnics in the soft grass...

Rejuvinating dives in lakes of pure azure...

Wild dances under the night sky...

And all in the confines of HQ...

However,it was all taken from her when one fine day,the Flowers kidnapped her and took her to a secret lab,where they dressed her in black leather and whipped her unmercifully.

Saying that "they needed something to keep your fellow Agents in line",they pumped Sue compounds into her body and forced her to read one thousand and one bad smut ideas.

They kept tourturing her for three days and three nights,until they released her into a grey and cruel world.

There,she did her duty well,traumatizing her former comrades with her evil and strange ways.

After brooding(gothically) about what her life had become, she continued running along the passageways,crying.

Then she met Melvin.

He was the only person who saw through the veil of disgust that she had woven about herself. He was the only person that cared about her despite what she has done.

She surrendered to him,and they had nights of love in convinient broom closets and patches of grass that appeared whenever they were.

However,the Flowers were wrathful that she had found love,and they sent an army of Evil Dandelions to destroy her happiness. She used all her abilities to protect her loved one,but was shot by one of their hired snipers.

Using the last of her powers to teleport Melvin to safety,she expired.

Melvin then later founded a brotherhood of gallant smut Knights(and priests,can't have a cult whithout priests)that lasted until this day: THE CULT OF THE SMUT CARVER!

The Sub Rosa looked up from the piece of paper she had been holding,and said: "I've never seen such a horrible pack of lies my entire life!"

"You'll get over it,my fellow Board Member,said the Marquis de Sod."

"You're right. Judging by the reports sent by my Department,not even the Cult members belived the fic,even
afterMelvin neuralyzed them."



"Phew! I tought I might have to treat you to some Bleeperin just to calm your nerves.Not that I tought that was a bad thing,of course."

Don't worry. Now,is it just me,or are Het!Author-Wraiths stalking us...

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