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Internet Culture PPC Da Clover's Revenging.
Author: origonalgangsta2008
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - General - Reviews: 2 - Published: 07-07-08 - Updated: 09-07-08 - In Progress

Chapter 1: A Memry Long Forggoten
Da alrm beepd. Da Clover woke up, his Glock by his sied. He pickd it up. Somethin was wrong, he cud smell it. He walkd outta his room and into da room opposit his. He lookd insied and yelled "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!. "His brotha was limp on da bed, blood comin outta hi"s head and stuff. Da Clover ran to his brotha's side.

He held his bortha's hed in his arms and yelld, "I no who did this to my drotha! nD IM COMIN FOR U, CRIPS! IM COMIN TO REVENGE MY BOTHA!"

He stood up and loded his gun. "This is somethin I gots to do mysel. I gots to face up to da consekweensis of ma O-G life."

He chargd out da door and stood on his lawn.

"Tiem for Da Clova to choke some bitshes," he sed solummly.

A/N Thatz ma first chaptr, homies. R&R plz, so u cAN READ MOR b out the Da O-G, Clover. NO FLAMES< K?

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