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Yo! My nam is Terrence, nd im gangsta. I sux at profiels, but heres go. Im 16 nd, if u can't alredy see, I like The Clover coz he's, like, totally badass if you can't see that u're stupdi. Jus so u know, I dont like mean peeps, and I will pop a cap in the asses of any1 who treis to be mean to any1. K?

First chapta for my new story will be up sun. Peece out, A town down, homies.
Da Clover faecs heet in Compton - how dos da O-G Clover revenge his ded brotha and escape da pigs? AU. Vilence. Clover/Hycinth probly. R&R - no FLames, k? [PG-13 | General]