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Internet Culture » PPC » untilted slashy thign w/foxxehs
Author: slasherchicsxx0930xxxx
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Romance - Reviews: 0 - Published: 08-07-08 - Updated: 08-07-08 - In Progress

Chapter 1: IN which someone almosty dyes.

"DEAR any hwo concerned (make thse long word) my life here is over. I need lvonig to help me from this rut and am pushed away form any who coudl help. allteh girls are too grossed out, adn the males, afraid to ask. they have sharp pointy things I am being crusheted by Dispiar like like some depsiared crushedthingie." The foxy agent wrote, his lifeblood dripping form the tweo jagied wunds on her wrists, wondering if anyhitng could suve him. The blood, sparkling, dripped onto the paper, fortunaedtly not smearing anything.

Red burst into the rum, having heard blood dripping acrssss the HW. "Hark,do I hear the sound of a male in distress?" He had rasuhed out soo quickly,he had not gotten dressed, being in teh nudee. Then he saw whot Drkae was doign ad yeled "ONOEZ!" HE grabbedf drake and kissed him, breathing life bakc into him, with a healing kiss. He then went ot hte letter and read it, and scowled. "DRAKLE!!! HOW COULD YOU!!!""There is so much more you can be. ther eis still tru luv for you."

DRake looked confused. "REally? I thought you liked girls?"

"I never really liked girls. but you have ot pretend to liek them here.they can be scary. they woudl do bad tginhs if you weren;t interested in them." Red shuddered, not wanting ot lose his foxhoode. He waved his arms dramaticalllly, drake nudded. "I really want a niece mael to bee wiuth. TO hold tiguigt to my. In shot, I WANT U!!!!"

Drake felt weak keneed. He felt herself falling, and was caeght inn RED’s aurms. "RED!"

Red shushed any further comments by platnign a big keisse on drauke’s leps. He broke the3 kiss. "It was U I ALWAYS LVOED> YOU!!!"

DRake melted in redd's arms. "I've always loved you too."

"Come, elt us show our love."

Drake wa s sciared n he siaid "meep", so REdd grapped the bleepka for them to use. hee undid the blpeka lid whiel he took of Drkae's shirt and then they did thos things our parhents took oure net axess away for writing about 1 time (unowotImean. Meeeen mommy *sad*) and thye fell aslp an it was soooo ky00t an adorable (a/n:see! I CAN use big wrods!).

Inside cutey, and xhausteid dRake, something moved, new life, their tru luv transpassing mere physcial laws. (a/n:stupid phsycial lwws. this is fanfic, so mpreg is possible.)

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