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GReetings. I'm Daisy, one of an identical twin set. i heart slash. my sister, does not. her losse. *sticke oute tongue at sistere*

Hi, Im Rosemary u can call me Ro. i luv my sister *squeehugs* even if shes weird. we shar this profile thingie an write lotsa fics togetha! i got a thezarus (no not the dinosur st00pid) for my birthdy so i use bigger wordz than her!

My sister is a crazy gotthy girl. she dissed my hello Kitty shirt. such a meanie, so having lots of slashy with my turn at writing. She wants more angsty. Agenstises needd luv, not that angst she keeps speaking of. And what is emo anyway?

Helo Kitty SUX! an emo means kewl and deep an you don;t likwe it coz ur 2 dumb to undastnad it!

o that doz it im not leting you use my nalevarnish if ur gonna be MEEEEEEEEN!

fine! u bich!

fine, dummy!
[PG | Romance] hmelock is SOO K00T an needs LUV! so ah wrote dis ficcie bout him! NOFLAMESPLZ!
untilted slashy thign w/foxxehs [PG-13 | Romance]