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Author: Lilith Wydenbrooke
Fiction Rated: G - English - Romance - Reviews: 1 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 10-07-09 - Complete

Masquerade of OFUM
Lilith Wydenbrooke would not exactly be the pride of the students at OFUM, but she was for the teachers. She did her assignments accordingly, never tried to sneak into the staff section, yet could be just as evil as Elrond if provoked.
She was an elf, not for attracting Legolas, but because the thought of being wise and immortal appealed to her.
She had long hair as dark as midnight and eyes that were silver and mithril at the same time.
It was a pity that she rarely showed her face, for 99.999999999999% of her spare time she would be reading. Therefore, many of the students dubbed her ‘mini-Hermione’.
The Yuletide ball was approaching swiftly, and soon tongues began to wag about the ball, and most importantly, what they were going to wear. Lilith blissfully avoided the chatter and arguments over materials and accessories, and who was taking whom. Sadly for her, if the other girls weren’t busy devising plans to ask their lust objects out, or arguing and chatting, they were mercilessly teasing her.
“Poor Lilith,” sneered Rosalie Berthilide Evangeline Eglantine Pottermalfoy Sparrowturner Hawkesbury, who was the most Mary-Sueish girl in OFUM, “it’s such a shame that you read. You look as if you didn’t know there was a Yuletide ball.”
“Mini-Hermione’s only fit to go with a book!” crowed Rosalie’s friend Legatine Greenwood, wrinkling her dainty nose. Lilith paid them no heed, though deep down she was miserable.
The staff seemed to decide that a three day trip to Minas Tirith would give the students enough time to get a dress and accessories, or to get one done by a seamstress. All the students thought it was a break from studies. They strolled around the city like one would do at a mall.
Legolas, the much fangirled and stampeded Prince of Mirkwood, chanced to also be shopping at the same time. Excited girls followed him everywhere, hoping for a date. Their eyes seemed to gleam with anticipation when they noticed him buying a diamond ring at a shop and they wondered who it was for. They also saw him buy a beautiful green dress with matching green dancing slippers and excitement grew to its height. Then he headed into a pub and sat down, weary. The barmaid bustled over, and countless giggling girls found themselves squeezing into nearby booths.
Lilith came in, with a book as usual, but she wasn’t reading it. She dropped into the seat facing Legolas and then started.
“Were you expecting someone?” she asked him, eyeing the bags of purchases.
“No, not at all,” replied Legolas, waving a dismissive hand.
Lilith nodded. She carried the signs that she had been crying.
“Why do you weep?” asked Legolas after a while.
“Those other girls at the University. They tease me so,” Lilith didn’t know how it happened, but soon she found herself pouring out her heart to him. “They call me ‘mini-Hermione’, and I do know about the upcoming ball! Why do they think I do not? What is it of their concern why I read? Why can’t I be left alone? And then one of those empty-headed girls that lust you had to go and tell me that I ought to be dating a book.” She sniffled sadly.
Legolas was taken back. Lilith was always so calm, so collected, compared to this sad little creature, at least. Out of sympathy, he shyly patted her hand.
That night, Lilith went to bed with hope in her heart.
It was the night of the Yuletide Ball, and Nimloth, Lilith’s roommate, had gone to the room across from them to borrow a hairpiece. Lilith flopped down on her bed and stared up at the ceiling. She had decided the day before that she was not going to the Ball simply because she didn’t want to spend the evening in the company of giggling fangirls in pink. Also, she didn’t have a dress.
Nimloth came back in with the hairpiece and got herself dressed to the nines. Snickering something about “mini-Hermione would rather stay in and snog books, wouldn’t she”, the pesky fangirl left for the ball, evidently trying to catch Legolas’s eye.

Lilith sniggered at her roommate’s back. The staff had conveniently “forgotten” to tell the students that it was going to be a masquerade, so there wasn’t much of a chance to tell Legolas apart from the others.
“Lilith!” The girl’s head snapped around to see Legolas, dressed rather dashingly in blue, with his face concealed behind a mask. There was no mistaking his voice, though. “Are you not going to the ball?”
“No,” replied Lilith. “I don’t fancy spending my night surrounded by the likes of Rosalie Berthilide Evangeline Eglantine Pottermalfoy Sparrowturner Hawkesbury.”
Legolas grinned. “They wouldn’t recognize you if you have a mask on. We DID fail to tell them that it was to be a masked ball.”
Lilith sighed. “Maybe. But I don’t have anything to wear.”
“Done and done.” The Prince of Mirkwood disappeared, but not before some bags were sitting on the windowsill in his stead.
Lilith peeked into the bags and discovered the contents. Grinning to herself, she prepared to arrive at the Ball fashionably late.
“Nobody ever told us that the ball was MASKED!” screamed Rosalie Berthilide Evangeline Eglantine Pottermalfoy Sparrowturner Hawkesbury.
“Oh, how are we ever going to find Leggie in this mess?” gasped Legatine Greenwood.
Suddenly all heads turned and a sudden stillness fell over the room when Lilith made her entrance.
Her whole being gave off a pure, wholesome light. Behind the delicate apple-green mask with the embroidered flowers, mithril eyes sparkled with a previously unknown radiance.
Legolas saw her from the other side of the hall, and slowly walked towards her as if in a dream.
“May I have the pleasure of this dance?” he asked her quietly as he kissed her hand. Rosalie seethed. Lilith smiled.
“Certainly, dear masked Prince.”
The End!
Author's Notes:Please review! It's my first story and no, Lilith is not a Mary Sue! :D

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