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Internet Culture » PPC » Inhuman Love
Author: Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
Fiction Rated: R - English - Action/Romance - Reviews: 2 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 10-07-09 - Complete

Hi it's me again and as you can see I learned a few thigns like putting better spelling into things and some of my friends got me into slash a little while back so I thought i'd write something about a couple of hot Agents.

Summary: Kelvin is lonely because he wants to find his one True love but he has to hide his real preferrences but could one person from StarWars change all that?

Category: PPC

Rated: 15 maybe M for later chappies

Chapter one

One day in Hq there was this really hott Elf called Kelvin and he was really cute and everything because Elves always are with long black hair that was always soft and smooth and deep grey eyes with the light of the stars in them like elves have. He had lots of problems because he was so cute and all the girls in Hq wanted to get together with him andn be his one True love bcause elves are only supposed to marry once ever. But Kelvin could never find this true Love amongst the girls and this made him sad because he was so lonely but it wasn't his fault because he secretly liekd men but he couldn't ever say that because it would make the girls ssad and he was too nice to make them sad.

He was walkign down the corridor whent he nearly walked into somebody comeing the other way but he didn't of course because elves are too graceful to walk into somebody. “Oh I;m sorry,” he said, “I didn’t see you there”. “Are you all right”?

“Yes I;m fine thankyou”, said the other person and Kelvin looked at him for the first time properly. The person was not human because he had pink skin and purple hair and vivid purple eyes but he looked very handsome anyway.

“Hello who are you”? “I haven’t seen you around before” the Elf commented.

“My name is Cavan and I’m a Zeltron from Star Wars” was the reply. “Who are you”?

“My name is Kelvin Talathion and I used to be a minor Stu but I was saved by the PPc”.

Kelvin could feel an attraction to Cavan imediately because he was so handsome and he moved closer and looked around to make sure none fo the girls who followed him around were nearby because he didn’t want them to see how attracted he was to Cavn. And Cavan smiled at him and put one arm around his waist and said “Would you like to come back to my place”? becaus he was attracted to Kelvin as well. The Elf looked at him and he was a bit worried in case they were seen but Cavan just shrugged and said “Im a Zeltron and we make friends with everybody so dont’ worry about it”.

So Kelvin said “Okay” and he went back to Cavan’s rC with him and they went in and closed the door and began to kiss because they both felt so attracted to each other and kelvin knew he’d found his one true love but they were interrupted when the door crashed open.

Standing there in the doorway was Cavans partner Rilwen and she hated him because she knew he was really gay and she thought that was wrong because she didn't think men should be in love with each other but women were all right because it was prettier that way and she was in love with Kelvins partner Lyra.

“HOW DARE YOU DO THIS IN OUR RC”???! She shouted at Cavan and drew her lightsaber to kill them both.

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