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Internet Culture » PPC » Inhuman Love
Author: Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
Fiction Rated: R - English - Action/Romance - Reviews: 2 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 10-07-09 - Complete

Hehehe I left you all on a cliffie last time!

Thanks for the nice reviews XxLuminescent-TearsxX and MystikalLuvrrRr because at least its nice to know that some people lke my work unlike some people like that honest critic person who doesn’t know what theyre talking about.

A/n; I decided that even though Kelvins from lOTr hed know about Star Wars because of working in the PpC so that’s why he knows about Sith and Jedi just in case anybody wonders why.

Rilwen lunged at Kelvin to kill him because she thought it was all his fault that Cavan was being gay and she didn;t care that he was Kelvins true Love. But Cavan was a Sith like Rilwen and he jumped in front of Kelvin to save him and drew his own lightsaber and he began fighting with Rilwen to make her stop trying to kill them and eventually he beat her and her lightsaber stopped working and Cavan was gong to kill her but he didn;t because Kelvin was there and Kelvins goodness made Cavan feel ashamed of being evil because that’s what Sith are so he put his lightsaber down and told Rilwen “Go away”. “I will let you live but you must never try to harm Kelvin again”. “He is a good person and I love him and you must accept that because you are homosexual yourself”.

And Rilwen didnt answer but she knew he was right and she ran away crying to find her lover and left them alone. Kelvin sighed in relief and turned to Cavan and gave him a pasionate embrace and whispered “Thank you for saving me”.

Cavan looked up at him sadly and replied “Your goodness is what made me do it because Im not a good person myself”. “Im a Sith and we are evil but youre so good that I cant be with you because youre too good to love somebody evil”.

Kelvin was heartbroken bcause he knew Cavan was his one True Love and he didnt want to lose him but he knew Cavan was right so he thought for a while and then he said “I dont want to lose you Cavan but if youre evil then we cant be together but thre is a way for us to be together”. “You can turn to the Light Side of the Force and be a Jedi like Luke Skywalker because he was able to love even though he was a Jedi”.

And Cavan smiled and said “Yes Ill do that for you and then we can always be together” and he stopped being Sith and came to the Light Side and was a Jedi and then Kelvin was happy because he could finally be together with his True love and they made love together and they were both happy.

And all the girls who wanted to be with kelvin were sad at first because they knew he could never get with them now but they were happy because he was happy and Kelvin and Cavan were so hot together. And in the end they went up to the Flowers and got transferred so that Kelvin and Cavan were partners and could be together and because they were good they made sure that Rilwen and Lyra were together as well so that they could love each other even though theyd been so mean to them.

The End?!11!1?!

Please R/r!

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