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Internet CulturePPCPPC: Time of Judgement
Author: Burning Watier
Fiction Rated: R - English - Action - Reviews: 6 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 21-07-09 - Complete

Disclaimer: Anything that can be said to belong to another author, belongs to another author.

Chapter Five: Enemies meet.

The NMG Headquarters was a gigantic skyscraper that hovered above the clouds of Mount Olympus. The Greek Gods, forced to submit to the great power held by the new lords of the Multiverse, wept on its floor, wailing their hearts out. They were soon joined by the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Norse ones, whose halls were not safe from the avarice of their new masters.

On its top level, the ones that brought them down so low refused to pay attention to a sucsses that had already grown stale. They conversed in hurried whispers, pondering on how to make full use of their victories.

Their leader, a balding man wearing corporate clothes, read one of the reports and said:

"Ahh. So Jayacacia has managed to get her husband back."

"Yes. They are now enjoying themselves in the My Immortal verse." Said one of the NMG excecutives seated just to the left of him.

"Ahh...My Immortal. Ebony's usefulness is ending, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is. Maybe its time to restore the Harry Potter Canon to a more...faithful state."

"True. Canon Defilement is profiting us less and less..."

"By the way, I'm pleased to mention that our Code Geass sues have managed to get Lelouch vi Britannia to Geass himself into serving us. That way, we don't have to lower his intelligence by 90% in order to make him our lackey."

"Good. Have him Geass Light Yagami and David Xanatos as well. That way, we can stop turning their brains to putty on a regular basis."

"Now, are the modifications to the Necron Technology ready?"

"Yes. With these improved pylons, we can cut off universes from fanfic influence at will. We can also select specific fanfics to allow into the Word Worlds if nescessary, as long as they have a situation that profits us."

"Good. Now, how about the Sunflower Emperor?"

"Dead. We used our influence over Legal to alter narrative law so he doesn't come back."

"Very Good. Now the EPC will destroy itself, and we will have other Multiverses as our oyster, once we have finished with this one. Now, how about the Hornbeam?"

"He has taken over a large percentage of the PPC HQ. He has also began to instrumentalize several universes, making quarantine measures harder to implement."

"Send several Chaos Space Marines to those universes. We must nip this threat in the bud. What about the other threat, Inquisitor Tawaki?"

"He has finished torturing innocent OFUer's. Not infilitrating the Offical Fanfiction University of Alagesiń was a masterstroke. Now, all of our possible opponents are worse than us, making us the lesser of three evils."

"Good. Now, send some World Devestators to Alagesiń itself, that way, we can get extra war material while pleasing the fans."

"So we're going to publish our activities on the Real World, then?"

"Yes. We are. Once we undo the Digimon 02 ending, Nia's death in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and the entire Legacy of the Force series, we'll recive their adulation, making us invincible."

"Good, Good. How goes the Haruhi Suzumiya capture plan?"

"We shoudn't reveal any more details about that, just in case."

"Very well."


The Embodiment of all Flames gazed at the war going across the Multiverse, and laughed. Now that the PPC had been destroyed, and all the organizations that should be guarding fanfiction were squabbling over the spoils, he can feed the fires of Fan Dumb himself, gaining him more power.

Just a small suggestion to his pawns on the Pit of Voles, and all the PPC's reports in the Real World will be transferred to The resulting flamewars that would result won't alert the Multiversal combatants, but they ought to give him enough strength to weaken the locks to his prison.

Then, he would start shipping threads everywhere, for all possible pairings in fiction, especially the hated ones. After that, he will create a fic so bad,all Fanfic would be banned, causing more flamewars and ending the Multiversal Organization's support networks.

Then, he would set himself free, and consume all creation in a blaze of unrelenting fury.


"He's an embodiment of all the Internet's flames? If so, i'd expect him to be more terrifiying."

"And he isn't?"

"Well, he is; but not as much as i'd expect. Compared to what i'd read up on in the Warhammer 40k and World of Darkness-old and new-Wikis, he's just second-rate."


"Also, I think this apocalypse is losing steam. The NMG wish to preserve the Multiverse after taking it over, the Hornbeam's hive mind isn't spreading fast enough, and Inquisitor Tawaki is just insane. Also, the latter two don't really have any depth at all, along with the Embodiment of all Flames."

"Isn't that for the best? I mean, the narrative law saying villains without any depth must die hasn't been altered yet, to my knowledge."

"True, but still; if this is the Apocalypse-"

"Time of Judgement, actually."

"Fine, Time of Judgement, then. Now, as I was saying, if this is the Time of Judgement, it should at least be spectacular. I mean, if the Multiverse is going to die, it should at least be with a side of awesome."


"Thank you, Makes-Things."

Author's Note: If you want to make the end of the PPC spectacular, how would you do it? Tell me, so that Agent Lyta doesn't cry! Do you want her to cry?

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