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Internet Culture PPC PPC: Time of Judgement
Author: Burning Watier
Fiction Rated: R - English - Action - Reviews: 6 - Published: 10-07-09 - Updated: 21-07-09 - Complete

Disclaimer: Anything that can be attributed to another author/authoress, belongs to another author/authoress.

Bonus Chapter: Jayacacaia's last stand.

Author's Note: Miss JayBird, i'm sorry for what i'm going to do for your character. Just remember that the NMG are the bad guys, and that I don't sympathise with them and I don't expect anyone else to.

"Stand down, Thornbyrd."

"Never, Psycho!Thundera! Ebony is my friend, in more ways than one!"

"So you would defy the will of the NMG, which has stated that restoring the Harry Potter canon is the most beneficial move for it? You poor fool..."

"I'm not a fool! I'm the SO's wife!" Jayacacia then summoned her husband, who had replaced Dumbledore as the headmaster of Goffik!Hogwarts. He was wearing black robes made of leather and his petals were dyed red while his head had white foundation on it. His staff now had a pentagram (bcause D&d is Stanic, u see, & hi sstaff cum from d&D) and-

Author's Note: There is not enough memory in my computer for the rest of the description.

"Hahahahaha! He's your only support? Now see mine." With a wave of her hand, she summoned an army of Greater Daemons from the ruins of OFUM, and unleashed them upon the two. At the same time, great wings burst from her back, and she began flying over the two.

Jayacacia, who was wearing a bikini made of temperate and tropical leaves (to signify that she represented all of the world's forests, rather than a single continent's) drew her whip, Rosebud, and used it to banish a Great Unclean One back into the ruins of OFUM. At the same time, the Sunflower Official unleashed a Prismatic Spray upon a Bloodthirster, turning it to stone. They then took on an Lord of Change, and won. Then, a Keeper of Secrets slashed at Jayacacia with his pincer, wounding her. The SO, in a rage, used a powerful Lightning Bolt at it, to no avail. Just when it seemed that the Daemon will consume the two, however, reinforcements finally arrived.

"U wil no tch Jayacacia or my nam isn't Ebony Dementia Dark'ness Raven Way! Avda Kedabra!" A beam of green light the struck the Keeper of Secrets in the chest, killing it.

A beautiful figure dressed in-

Author's Note: The computer doesn't have enough memory, again.

-rushed over to the wounded Jayacacia, and said:

"NO! Jayacacia y wer mi bff! Don't wory, Daeko and Vampire will be here soon!"

Ebony then lifted up her middle finger at the remaining Daemons, and conjured up a gun. She then-

-got herself split in two as Psycho!Thundera threw a giant shuriken at her.

"Ebony! No!"said Jayacacia at the death of her friend. She then healed herself and grew her own wings (eagle, in order to emphasize her connection to nature) and flew.

Psycho!Thundera waved her sword, but the pink wires that came out from it were easily evaded by Jayacacia, who stuck back using her whip. She then unleashed a storm of razor-sharp leaves upon her enemy, causing her pain.

"You will pay for that, bitch!"

Psycho!Thundera then sheathed herself in a column of light, which began to emit beams of searing energy. Jayacacia was struck by several of them, and screamed.


"No! Jayacaciaaa!" The SO then flew up and unleashed a Disintigrate. It hit the column of light, but was deflected to the ground. Psycho!Thundera then emerged from the column, stronger than ever. She then unleashed a storm of fire upon the Flower, which she then followed up with frost. Before the SO can regain the initiative, she then conjured up more giant shurikens and threw them at the Flower.

Just before they came into contact with his flesh, Jayacacia then recovered, and parried them all with her whip. She then closed in to engage Psycho!Thundera in melee.
The duel continued for several hours, with both combatants showing unusual skill. Finally, however, Psycho!Thundera cut apart Rosebud, and prepared a fatal strike. Jayacacia then turned her body into crystal, absorbing the sword into her body. She and Psycho!Thundera then began to show off their skill in unarmed combat, using every martial arts skill in the Multiverse in an attempt to gain an edge upon each other.

Finally, Jayacacia seemed to gain the advantage, as her crystalline body proved immune to the enemy's blows. But Psycho!Thundera just cheated, and conjured up a chainsaw immune to absorption by Jayacacia's body. She then rained blows down on her opponent, drinking her screams like the purest whiskey. The SO tried to interfere, but was set upon by several Daemonettes.

Draco and Harry then arrived at this point, but instantly reverted to their canon selves at the sight of Ebony's dead body. NMG Grey Knights then teleported in and carried them off before the Daemons caught sight of them. Finally, Jayacacia lost all hope, and tumbled into the whirling mass below. After several minutes, they were banished back to the ruins of OFUM, leaving only an indiscribable mass of shattered crystals.

Psycho!Thundera then laughed. Despite the fact that canon had to be preserved to accomplish it, the Harry Potter canon was now NMG territory. Forever.


"Give me five cents, Makes-Things. You lost the bet."

"Fine" said the irritated scientist as he went through his pockets.

Author's Note: As I said, i'm very sorry for having to do this to JayBird's character. As an apology, I am now lending Psycho!Thundera and the Daemons to her to punish as she sees fit. Love, BW.

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