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Internet Culture PPC hOw teh Sunflowr offcr Stoppped beign MEEEEN
Author: vampyregrrl
Fiction Rated: PG - English - General - Reviews: 1 - Published: 11-07-09 - Updated: 11-07-09 - Complete

oK chappiez, here is mi 1st storie! I hop u alll l ike it lOl!!


One day in Hq t was a normul day an jay an aCacaica had jjust come bak from a missson wher they kiulled a totally eEEEvil Sue nd fed her to teh blrogg (aN is that how u splkl it? cn;t rememenebr wht its clled lol) an now they wr stting in theyre rC w hen t consle went bipp! And jy sad 'thas wierd. it nevr just goes bip it alwrys, goes BEEEEEPPPPPPP!!1!1!' (AN it does 2, lolol!!) So theyl uuked at the csreen & tehre was a msg from the S O! sayin 'come to myy offic now!!!'
So when the got to hiz offce he) was sittting behind the dskj frwoning (AN can fLowers frown lol? well just say they cn) at thm an he said 'u 2 are in lots of truble! U wll have to do xtra missons as punishmint!!' An acacai said 'oh noes! why do u lways have 2 be so meeen to us?' an Jai said 'yes, u shoud b nicer to us,' And thn the S.o said, 'U R right I should' an then he smild at thm & sad 'oK, I willl giv u a pay rize insted!!' An Jy an Accaca wre supre happpy!!!!1!!111!! (an; cos they g ot a pay rize loL!)


so whut do u thinkk!!! Shuld i write moarr!?!?! R&R PLEASE IF U DO U WILL GET A COOKIE IF YOU FLAME MY I WILL LAUGH A T U!!!!11!1!11!!!!

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