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Author: Janetsgurl
Fiction Rated: PG-13 - English - Angst/Romance - Reviews: 15 - Published: 13-07-06 - Updated: 17-07-06 - Complete

A/N: Hi! This is Janetsgurl signing on! This is my first fic, and I hope you like it. It's about Cygna and Janet, because Janet is just soooo hot and I really wish I was Cygna. Wouldn't that be great? I think this is canon so don't yell at me!

Oh, right, disclaimery thing: I don't own Cygna, Janet, Mary (grrr...), or the PPC, but I wish I owned Janet. Does that count?


It was a dark and stormy night. Rain dripped down the windowpanes like tears. Inside, tears dripped down Cygna's face like rain. Sitting in her lonely bedroom, she was unable to repress the sob that welled up in her throat. She was alone, all alone.

From the other bedroom the sound of laughter drifted to her ears. That was what she wanted out of life; someone to laugh with her when she was happy and hold her when she was sad. All she had ever wanted was someone to love. But she would never get her wish. After all, who could ever love someone like her?

Cygna lifted her eyes to the mirror. She looked at her wavy crimson tresses and saw a carrot-colored, frizzy horror; looked at her emerald orbs and saw pale green eyes; looked at the delicate spattering of freckles on her nose and saw a horrible disfigurement. Oh, but she was hideous! Surely no one could think otherwise. Especially not the one person above all others she wished would look at her with love.

Why should she, after all? Janet was perfect. How could she love such an ugly girl as Cygna?

Thought of her unrequited love made Cygna sigh wistfully even as a stab of sorrow shot through her. Janet was so beautiful, with her raven hair that Cygna longed to run her fingers through whenever she saw it, her deep, cerulean eyes, her feminine curves in all the right places and yet her so-unfeminine strength that made Cygna weak at the knees…She was everything Cygna had ever dreamed of.

It was too much to ask of the world that someone like that should be unattached. Janet had Mary, who was so lovely. Cygna was far more beautiful than Mary, but she didn't realize it. She only thought that, if Mary made Janet happy, then she would be happy for both of them. She would have to be. She could still be Janet's friend, and how could she ask for more than that?

All the same, she wanted more. In her dreams, Janet looked at her and smiled gently, saying, "I love you, Cygna. I'll take care of you. It's all right." They walked together under the full moons of other worlds, holding hands. Janet bent to kiss her, and there had never been anything so wonderful as that kiss.

But in the end, it was only a dream that could never come true.

Hugging her favorite cat-shaped pillow, Cygna fell into fitful slumber, tracks of tears still visible on her creamy cheeks.


So, did you like it so far? I'll update if I get reviews, but if I don't, I might not! Hope to see you again soon!

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