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A Sunflower's Tears
JayBird -- Angst/Romance -- Posted: 04/07/2008 -- Updated: 26/09/2012
Time had passed, and the three lovers were lying together on the SO's office floor. I'm glad you were able to persuade me, Jaycacia, the Sunflower said earnestly. That was... truly incredible.

"I'm sure my mother would agree with you," Jaycacia said, looking at the other woman, "were she not unconscious. For my part... well, I appreciate the compliment, of course." She nodded graciously.

At that precise moment, the door of the sO's office burst open to reveal a black-clad figure. "Where is that revolting little swine?" Acacia Byrd demanded.

The SO used the desk to pull himself upright. I have no idea what you're talking about, Agent Byrd, he said. I keep no animals in my--

Acacia spat at him. "Don't lie to me, flower," she snarled. "I could practically smell the goodness when she returned. Surely you knew that someone of my evil abilities would sense your coming, Jaycacia."

The young girl's eyes narrowed, and she rose gracefully to her feet. "Mother," she said, looking at the Assassin. "What do you think this will achieve?"

Acacia spat at her, too. "Your death," she said flatly. "You and that whore I once called 'partner'. And for good measure, I'll kill the sunflower, too." She looked at the two of them, noticing their lack of clothes for the first time, and her eyes narrowed. "In fact," she said with a cruel smile, "I'll kill the flower first. Then I think you and I -- and Jay, I can hear her snivelling from here -- are going to have a little... fun." And with that, she drew her bow and shot the SO in the head!!!!!


"Acy? Acy Acy Aaaaaacy?"

Acacia sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Jay? What are you doing

"What, you thought you were the only one who could show up in people's rooms?" Jay asked. She waved a sheet of paper in her friend's face. "The next chapter's out."

"And you couldn't wait until I found it?"

Jay put on a thoughtful expression. "Mmmmm... nope!" She grinned. "You're
in it, A-cay-shu," she added by way of explanation.

Acacia groaned. "I thought she killed me off last time..."

"Can't have that," Jay said solemnly, "she'd be without an enemy." Then she bounced on the spot. "Come
onnnnn, Acacia, get up. I want to see your face when you read it..."