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A Sunflower's Tears
JayBird -- Angst/Romance -- Posted: 04/07/2008 -- Updated: 26/09/2012
The black blade struck the evil Assassin full on the chest. Acacia stared down at it for a stunned moment, and then exploded into a vortex of dark fire. For a moment it seemed about to consume them all, but Jaycacia concentrated and a pink-purple glow surrounded it, containing it... but not enough. "Help me!" she cried out. "Mother, husband -- help me!"

Struggling to stand against the howling wind that filled the office, Jay clutched at her daughter's hand. "What can we do?" she cried.

"I told you!" Jaycacia replied. "The power... of love!"

Jay blinked uncertainly. "I do love you..." she said.

"That's not... enough," Jaycacia said, the strain showing on her face. "Have... to show--!"

I understand, the SO said, his tendrils already winding their way up Jaycacia's bare legs. Jay, I will show her down here. You must kiss her -- now! He wrapped a spare frond around Jay, pulling her close to Jaycacia's nude form. The older Assassin's hands pressed against her daughter's bosom as she kissed her hard on the mouth, feeling the younger girl responding eagerly. As her hands explored Jaycacia's body, the brilliant light started to overcome the darkness that had once been Acacia.

"More!" Jaycacia screamed. "I must have more!"

Gladly! the SO cried, plunging his tendrils--


Jay put the sheaf of paper down. "Does it get any better?" she asked.

Acacia peered across the table, trying to read the upside-down story. "Not really," she said. "You're nearly at the end, though."

"Yah-huh." The former Assassin glanced further down the page.


Bucking beneath her lovers' ministrations, Jaycacia felt the metal of the SO's desk, cold beneath her sweaty back. She gasped repeatedly as Jay's tongue--


"I don't want to read this!"

"Just skip to the end," Acacia recommended.


The trio lay upon the soft carpet--


"Carpet? Since when did the SO have a carpet?"

"Just. Read."


--upon the soft carpet, breathing heavily. The SO's tendrils were still tangled around the two women, touching and stroking their sensitive spots slowly. Is she gone forever? he asked quietly.

"I think so," Jaycacia replied in a murmur. "By your love for me, you have brought peace and safety to the PPC at last."

I am glad, the Sunflower said. And I am glad... to have you back.

"I'm glad to be back," Jaycacia said with a smile, and glanced across at her mother, sleeping soundly. "Do you want me to go back to my Response Centre now, my love?"

Hmm... perhaps not, the SO said. I've just realised that I'm in need of... let me see... a pair of assistants here in my office.

Jaycacia Thornbyrd smiled. "An excellent idea," she murmured, and fell into a deep sleep.


"... what, that's it?" Jay asked.

Acacia shrugged. "That's the end, apparently," she said. "The story's marked as 'complete', so."

"But she's still alive!" Jay protested. "Acacia, why's she still alive?"

"Because she's a Mary-Sue, Jay," Acacia said calmly. "Who did you think was going to kill her?"

"Well," Jay began, "we--"

"No," Acacia said firmly. "We're not going back again.

Jay raised an eyebrow at her former partner, then lifted her mug and drained the last of her coffee. "All right," she agreed. "I suppose this means there'll be another story from her next year?"

"Quite likely," Acacia concurred. "Want me to bring it to you?"

"Could you wait until daylight next time?" Jay asked plaintively. "
Some of us have work in the morning."

"We'll see," Acacia replied, and grinned.