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A Sunflower's Tears
JayBird -- Angst/Romance -- Posted: 04/07/2008 -- Updated: 26/09/2012
As Acacia aimed her wand at the SO, Jay turned away from the desk and threw herself on top of Jaycacia with a sob. "Oh my beautiful darling daughter," she cried, kissing her face and lips. "I only just got you back and now you're dead!! You can't be dead, Jaycacia! I love you!" She pressed her hands to the beautiful girls' chest, feeling an intense heat from where Acacia's bolt had hit. Acacia, meanwhile, was looking on with a sneer.

"As if that means anything," she said cruelly. "I thought I loved you once, before you betrayed me. Oh, yes," she went on, "you're the reason I turned to evil - your cheating on me with Sean and Lux. But I'll never turn back, never! I'm happy to be evil!" And she laughed an evil laugh.

Turning, Jay glared at her through tear-stained eyes, clutching Jaycacia's body to her. "You don't deserve love," she said, her voice breaking. "But Jaycacia did, and now she's dead!"

And we did love her, the Sunflower Official said, his tendrils wrapping around Jay. We two, we loved her dearly. And you took her away from us. Supported by him, Jay bowed her head over Jaycacia's still form. Crystal tears slid from her eyes, splashing down onto the black stain between her breasts.

"Oh, shut up already," Acacia snapped, swinging the wand round. "That girl was a complete slut. She never loved either of you, she just used you. She deserves to be dead -- you all do!"

"But they will not be," a voice said, "not today." Ignoring Jay's astonished exclamation, Jaycacia sat up. "You may have power, but I have more, because I have known love, and you... you never have." Screaming, Acacia fired her want, but Jaycacia caught the black fire in her hand effortlessly. "Not this time, mother," she said sadly. "This time you'll lose -- permanently." The captured energy reformed itself into an ebon sword, which Jaycacia, leaping to her feet, swung at Acacia.


"Sean? And Lux??

Acacia shrugged. "It could be worse."

Jay stared at her. "She's got me sleeping with
Sean and Lux, how could it be worse?"

Acacia raised an eyebrow. "She could have you sleeping with the SO and a Mary-Sue?" she suggested. Jay glowered.

"That's not the same. I mean, this is
Sean. And-"

"And Lux, yes." Acacia shook her head. "I'm amazed that's the first thing you find objectionable about that... thing, Jay."

Jay shrugged. "The rest of it's just funny, Acy. But that... ugh. Can you imagine what Lux would say?"

"... yes. In great detail." Acacia shuddered. "Never tell her about this story."

"Agreed," Jay said fervently, and sipped her coffee before turning the page.