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Chapter 3 - A Love Of Power

So Gasparde de Grasse jumped through the portal again and found themselves in the worst possible place: SARUMAN'S TOWER. Specifically they were in the deepest darkest dungeons where Saruman keeps all his 'special' prisoners.

"This is scary," said Alice the talking Pegacorn. "I can't fly here either."

"I hope Saruman doesn't find us," Thranduil said. "After he imprisoned the big Balrog and then sent it against the Fellowship (A/N is taht rite?!?) all us Balrogs and mini-Balrogs have been scared of him."

Agent Suicide was there too.

"It's alright," said Gasparde to her friends. "Because we are PPC agents Saruman can't see us."

"Oh yeah I forgot," said Thranduil. "So where is the awesome fanfic we are here to see?"

"I think it is in the dungeon," said Monty. Gasparde and her friends went and looked in the window at the story, which was called 'A Love Of Power':

Butterfly was the Princess of Hobbit Country, and she had joined Merry and Pippin when they went with Frodo and Sam to Riverden. Then she had joined the Fellowship because of her amazing skill at healing, but she had been taken prisoner with the Merry and Pippin and taken by the Orcs to Saruman's Tower. And the Orcs had wanted to hit Merry and Pippin but Princess Butterfly bravely stood up to them so they hurt her and tortured her but it was okay because Merry and Pippin were okay.

But now they were all three in Saruman's dungeon, and Saruman came to see them.

"So, I have captured the famous Princess Butterfly!" he shouted. "Now I can use your powers to take over the world!"

"I will never serve you!" whispered Princess Butterfly.

"Oh yes you will," said Saruman, and then he beat her and tore her dress and said, "You will do whatever I tell you to."

"No I won't," said Princess Butterfly bravely and Saruman spat on her and went away. And ONLY THEN did Princess Butterfly start crying.

"Oh no Butterfly don't cry!" said Merry and Pippin but Princess Butterfly was so sad because she was locked away in the dungeon and also Saruman had hurt her and her dress was torn. So then Merry and Pippin went over to her and they kissed her.

"Oh Butterfly," said Merry and Pippin, "we have always loved you but we never found the strength to tell you until we saw how brave you are."

"Oh Merry and Pippin," said Princess Butterfly, "I have always loved you too. And I never told you but Butterfly is only my public name in private I call myself 'Jay' and I would like it if you called me Jay too."

"Of course we will, Jay!" shouted Merry and Pippin, and then they kissed her again.

Alice wiped a tear from her eye with her wing (A/N rember she iz an PEGACORN). "That story is so incredibly sad," she said.

"Yes, I hope they have a happy ending," said Monty. "Because it would be awful if three such brave hobbits didn't have a happy ending."

"It really really would be," said Thranduil. "And I hope they stop Saruman from taking over the world."

Agent Suicide was there too.

"Well," said Gasparde, "I think that story is so good I will give it a score of 10/10!"

"That's an incredible score!" said Monty. "But I think it totally deserves it. Have we got any more stories to look at?"

"There is only ONE MORE story to look at," said Gasparde as she opened the portal. "Then we will go and tell the Sub Rosa which one should be given the prize."


A/N: Hopl yoi lieked teh sotry!!!2 Hav yu worged owt teh SECRUT yett?/?
Oooooooooo!!!!!! Its soooo exciting! Whose gonna win! Is the secret that theyre all the same? I wanna noooooo!

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