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Kelly's Life
kelly_from_helly -- Action/Adventure/Suspense/Romance -- Posted: 19/09/2013 -- Updated: 25/09/2013
Chapter 2 - The Resuce

(Author's note: WOW, peoplea re noticing my story! xX-VerceMaster-Xx, good to know that you enjoy my perspective. However, Kelly Harrington is not going to strop disapproveing of mysogynistic murder. JayBird, come on. Could you at least read the story before dropping such a cruel opinion? I'd type out a mean all-caps flame for you, but it would likely go over your head).

While trying to blend into the backgrround on my first mission - which I'd already mastered, being with the CIA and all - I talked with the other guy, who still hadn't told me his name.

"So who's she?"

"She's Lily. Our Sue."

Great. Now I could add anti-female slurs to my list of things wrong with this oragnization.

I waited patiently, for a perfect opportunity to make my move. Eventaully I saw my chance and went at the boy, grasping his neck and choking him. After a few minutes of this, he fell to the ground, obviously dead.

"Lily!" I shouted.

Lily turned around. I could tell she didn't want to be interrupted. "What?"

"My name is Kelly Harrington. I'm going to make you an offer here. I just killed somoene who wanted to kill you. And they're going to send more people to kill you unelss you come with me."

"Okay." And Lily came with my through the portal.

"Now," I told her, "To do this you got to be stealth. What are you best at, blending in or hiding?"

She looked indecisive.

"I'm gonna say that means hiding. You can hide in the closet." And with that, I gently nudged her over before locking her inside.

After that, I left the room and wandered the halls, analyzing the various agents. This was interrupted by my videophone, which told me that CIA Commander Erik wanted to talk with me.

I crept into an out of the way area, before talking. "This is Kelly Harrington. What is it?"

"Someone knows you're shouldn't be there." I was worried. "You have to find out who."

(Author's note: Wow, I think that chapter was the best yet! If you disgaree, you have no soul. R&R!)