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Kelly's Life
kelly_from_helly -- Action/Adventure/Suspense/Romance -- Posted: 19/09/2013 -- Updated: 25/09/2013
(Author's note: ZERO reviews? I'm disappoint. But hey, here's

chapter six!)

I had a idea.


"Hey," I said to CIA Commander Erik. "Can you get all the

other zombies and bring them here?"


Before I could blink, the PPC was full of zombies. And the

zombies ate everyones brains, so then they were zombies too.

I turned to Erik. "Say how do we get pit of here?"

"Like this."

We ran towards the door. We were almost there when we we re

stopped by the Sunfowler.

"What did you do?"

"We sent the zombies here."


"So you guys would stop killing, because killing is wrong."

"So what?"

"Whadtaya mean so what?"

"I mean killing is'nt wrong."

"Well we disagre."



"Okay. You can try and convince them that killing is wrong,

but you have to get buy me first."

O Im so sorrrrry I didnt review last time!!! It was really really gud!!!!!! Update update!!!