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Kelly's Life
kelly_from_helly -- Action/Adventure/Suspense/Romance -- Posted: 19/09/2013 -- Updated: 25/09/2013
(Author's note: Whew! Turns out the whole Erik-and-Ilze thing

was just a big misundesrtanding - they were partnered for a

phyisics project. Erik and I are officially back together!

Anyway, Reviews: DazzlingStarryBrightness good to know you

seemed to enjoy my cllifhanger, and I hope you like how it

ends up as well! JayBird, because you hate me I hate you.)

"Where are we?"

A voice came at us. "Heaven."

Lily and I struggled to wrap our heads around this. "Whadtaya

mean, heaven?"

"I mean, you're in heaven."

We paused to think about this. Suddenly Lily screamed "GET ME

THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" When I heard this, I angryed. I choked

Lily until she died.

The angel was upset. There was a poof and then I was in hell.

Satan looked at me angryly.

Then all of a sudden there was a poofI was back in heaven.

"That's why you shouldnt kill people."



The PPC.

That was why I was there! To get them to stop killing people!

"I need to get down to Earth, please,"


Then there was a poof and I was in the middle of the PPC. ANd

standing right in front of me was CIA Commander Erik.


"I'm a zombie now."