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“The console has picked up new readings, VERRA,” said Agent ALEC to his partner as he entered their RC. His partner, Agent VERRA, walked over to the console to peer at the readings.

“ALEC, the console has picked up a Sue-created fantasy kingdom to the north of the canon of Lord of the Rings. Signs indicate that there is life, but not as we know it.”

“What do Spy Uhura’s preliminary reports tell us?” asked ALEC.

“A high concentration of glitter in the ‘capital’ of this kingdom, called Glitterothos,” replied VERRA, straightening up from the console. “Shall we prepare to beam into it?”

“I hope Scotty fixed up the disguises. I don’t particularly fancy being shot again.”

“Indeed. Dr McCoy was displeased. He threatened bodily harm to my person should I let you get injured on this mission, which I may add is counterproductive and certainly counter-intuitive to his role as Medical personnel.”

ALEC laughed, going to the cabinet and handing VERRA a sword before taking one for himself. “Set the coordinates of the portal to the heart of this... Glitterothos,” he said. “And set disguises to... whatever native creature we will find there.”

“I believe Elves populate this fantasy kingdom,” replied VERRA, looking at the readings, “specifically Moon Elves.”

“Yeah...” ALEC trailed off, frowning. “Moon Elves.”

VERRA set the disguises and the coordinates for the portal. As he and ALEC stepped through, he could hear his partner say, “energise!”

If DRAGONS could roll their eyes, he definitely would have.


Upon stepping into the urple streets of Glitterothos, the first thing the Agents did was don their sunglasses. “This is worse than that one Sue with the singing forest,” remarked ALEC sardonically as the two ‘Moon Elves’ wandered through the streets. According to the Words, Moon Elves were ‘lyke elves, but with bluish skin and silver eyes and silver hair and they got magickal powers frum teh moon’.

VERRA, who had been used to DRAGONish skin, was less fazed about it than ALEC. Even then he decided to mentally schedule some more time for meditation, provided the console did not alert them to another mission just as soon as they complete this one. The problem with the console was that it did not respond to DRAGON nerve pinches, and ALEC’s punches did not help matters much.

“Can you locate the presence of the Sue?” asked ALEC as VERRA took the CAD hanging from a strap at his side to scan the surroundings. The device shrilled alarmingly, causing the DRAGON to mute it lest they draw attention from the locals.

“She is in the castle over there,” said the DRAGON-turned-Moon-Elf as he pointed to a great hulking glitter monstrosity. “Her name, according to Uhura, is THE BRACKET FUNGUS, Princess of Glitterothos. She intends to join the Fellowship of the Ring after receiving a rune of power from Galadriel, who is supposedly her mother.”

“I wasn’t aware that Celebrían had a sister,” muttered ALEC irritably as he took note of it in his Agent’s Log. “Shall we head for the castle?”

But suddenly, guards in wilver armour came out of nowhere, surrounding the two agents. The two of them raised their palms in surrender as one of the guards, evidently their leader, strode forward with a spear pointed straight at ALEC’s heart.

“THE BRACKET FUNGUS wishes to know why there are foreign interlopers in her domain,” said the chief guard. ALEC and VERRA looked at each other.

“We are but humble... peasants,” said ALEC in response, eyes wide. VERRA shot him a Look.

“THE BRACKET FUNGUS thinks you are lying,” said the guard. He turned towards the castle. “You will come.”

ALEC looked at VERRA, noticing the pointed look the DRAGON was giving him. “What?” he hissed as the guards made them fall into line with their spears.

“Perhaps if you read Uhura’s report for yourself, you would know that by the end of the narrative, THE BRACKET FUNGUS becomes omniscient and omnipotent,” the DRAGON replied. “This naturally means there is a version of her who knows of our presence, and will attempt to kill us lest we prevent her from attaining those powers.”

“But that means... if she’s omniscient, she can’t be defeated!”

VERRA nodded. “Yes, ALEC,” he said with the patience of a kindergarten teacher.

“We’re going to have to call for backup or something, aren’t we? And when were you going to tell me that she had those powers?”

VERRA calmly folded his hands behind his back. “When it became relevant, as it just did,” he replied. “Now, if we can contact HQ without letting our captors know, we may be able to ask for help from Agents Sulu and Chekov.”

“Yeah,” agreed ALEC. “Let’s do that.”
Oh, come on.

You aren't going to be able to throw people off trail by just changing the story you rip off. Everyone knows it's still you. You know why? Because the new character names ARE STILL IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!

Seriously though, between this and your user profile only being in all capital letters, I'd almost think that your keyboard was stuck in Caps Lock except for the fact that eight of the letters in your user name are lowercase. Unless you stole that, too. There's probably a real PPCSuperstar around here who will be so shocked when he comes back and finds out that his screen name is plagiarized! And no one will defend you.

Also, this has no connection to the previous chapter with the ghost of the Bracket Fungus, which was actually the ghost of the Mysterious Somebody, which you stole from my story, edited to say BRACKET FUNGUS, so what was even the point?
he did. this guy stole my name, not only your story. he even cant copy me right. all those capital letters are too blunt.

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