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PPCSuperstar -- COOL -- Posted: 19/09/2013 -- Updated: 23/09/2013
I posted this story hoping for some good reviews because it is a good story BUT INSTEAD all I got were FLAMES and people saying I am a PLAGIARIST well GUESS WHAT PEOPLE my cool story is NOT PLAGIARISM because first I NEVER SAID IT WAS MINE and also I CHANGED THE NAMES which makes it NOT plagiarism. My story has TOTALLY DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN IT and also the bad guy in mine is WAY COOLER so it is a totally DIFFERENT story and NOT PLAGIARISM - OKAY?!?!?!?

I KNEW from the gecko that people would compltain about my story because I am such a DEEP THINKER than people never understand me and they don''t understand the HIGH ART which is my coold story so they just FLAME ME because they are SMALL, MINDED and ST*PID. I mean HELLO! If i was a plagiarist WHY WOULD I POCT THIS STORY?!?!?!?!??! What would be the POINT if it was just someone elses' story?!?!?!? But it is not it is MINE and it is ART.

To the people who are UNJUSTLY FLAMING ME: you are the sotry of people who would have said ANDY WARHOL was just plagiarising, you would have said SHAKESPEARE was just plagiarising, you would have said VIRGIL was just plagiarising, but O YEA I FORGOT: you are so SMALL MINDED & ST*PID that you dont' kno who ANDY WARHOL, SHAKESPEAR and VIRGIL are. You are the same sort of people who supported HITLER and STALIN and ROOSEVELT.

I HAD A DREAM when I posted this story that people would READ it on its OWN MERITS and would THINK about it and ENJOY it for what it was and not be SMALLMINDED and ST*PID about it. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!11!!! From the gecko people have FLAMED me and called me NAMES and said a am a PLAGIARIST when all I am is a STRUGGLING ARTIST who wants to be RECOGNISED.

SO NOW WHAT?!?!?!??! You have CRUELLY and UNJUSTLY accused me and FLAMES me and EVISCERATED me and thrown me to the wolves without trial and STOLEN my right to free speech WHICH BY THE WAY is guarenteed in the FIRST AMENDMENT to the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION so you have been BEAKING THE LAW by taking it away from me. My ancestors FOUGHT THE ENGLISH to let me write this story but YOU have spat on all their sacrifices which makes you JUST LIKE THE ENGLISH. My ancestors shouted YOU CANNPT TAKE OUR FREEDOM and I sy the same thing: YOU CANNOT TAKE MY FREEDOM.

ALL I WANTED was to write MY story which is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT story and NOT PLAGIARISED, but YOU have flamed me and abused me and made me CRY so I hope your HAPPY. I hoped that there would be someone who would see my story for WHAT IT IS which is ART and a CREATIVE INTERPREATION of the source material BUT NO you are all SMALL:MINDED and ST*PID and only see the PHYSICAL side of things not the METAPHYSICAL but OH WAIT you are so ST*PID that you dont' know what that word MEANS.

SO YO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will NOT write any more of MY STORY even though I hav SO MANY IDEAS and was gonig to write the BEST STORY EVER. BUT NO. You have FLAMED me from the gecko and called me a PLAGIARIST and BROKEN THE LAW by restricting my FREE SPEECH and so I will just GO AND DIE now even through I just wanted to MAKE YOU HAPPY and write a story you would ENJOY but you are all so SMALL=MINDED and ST*PID that I will JUST GO AWAY.
Don't worry, PPCSuperstar. I'm still on your side.

Just because there's a heavy and obvious inspiration from another story, doesn't neccessarrily mean it's worse than the original. If anythng, you've proven otherwise. Yes, Therefore I strongly encourage you not to abandon this story.

Oh, and Roosevelt is overrated.