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A 2nd Chance
brandywine_baby89 -- Drama/Angst -- Posted: 24/09/2014 -- Updated: 25/09/2014
One day, a week after the Kudzu's and the MArquis's wedding, Agent Aurora E. Lorra of the Department of MAry sUes wuz walking thru HW. She wore her faovrite black tank top w/her cactus flash patch and a short skir that wuldn't tangle up her legs in a biadfic, and leather boots. Her hair was curly and blonde with borwn streaks 2 help her blend in better. She had blue eyss and wore contacts 2 help her c better.

Aurora was happe bcuz she had just joined the PPC and made new firends, and even helped them fall in love! She wuz on her way 2 her RC when suddenly, she fell thru a plotholw!

"Oh no!" Said Aurora. "Help!"

But there was no1 around, so she fell in and landed with a BIMP!

"OW," Aurora said. "Where am I?"

She loked around. She waz in a RC, but it wasn't hers.

Suddenly, the console BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPED! and there waz a lot of noise and lightning! Aurora dov efor cover under the bed.

"hey, watch it!" aurora said, getting up. "U could hurt some1 like that!!"

"Oh yeah?" said an agent. She had black hair and waz really pale and had red yess. "Who r u?"

"Yes, who r u?" said anohter agent w/a bautirful voice, who stood up from bhind a chair. "And whar r u doing in my RC?"

Aurora gasped! "OMG! I know u! Ur...... Agent Dafydd Illian! I must b in the past!!!!"

AN: DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! So Agent Aurora fell thru a plothole in2 the past, and now she's in Davydd and Selene's RC! Dafydd is so hawt, but Selene is such a bitch, lol. What will happen next?! Read N REview 2 find out!

OMG HOW COLD YOU SAY THAT ABOT DAFID!!1! HE IS SOOO MUCH COoKER THEN U COLD EVER B! Y r there so many flammers on this site??? D:<
Wat? D: No no, I like Dafydd! Did u red the part where i said he haz a beatiful voice and hez hawt?? D: D: D:

Lol i gess I did'nt see that! I hav dislecksia so its nut my falt!!!!
OMGG!!!1 brandy yu ar writing a nuw sotry arleady! Taht is so AWSOM. Adn its abut DAFID. Yu and me are writin abut Dafydd at TEH SAYM TIME - and we r both writi abou TIM TRAVEL! We musd by CYCLICALLY LINKED!