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Hello!! Welcome 2 my NEW profile! My name's brandywine but u can call me Brandy--every1 else does. Im 17 and I <3 LOTR and the PPC. I mean, how kewl that they get to go into LOTr and see all the charries! And sues SUCK! I'm working on a fic ritew now, so, don't go away!! lol!

4 now, here's my Agent!

Name: Agewnt Aurora (and I Know what it is, its an e;ectro solar atmospheeric phanomneon, so it's smart and not just prettyy.)

Age: 20

Specias: Human

Hair: curly and blonde, dyed w/ dk. red-brown dtreaks (4 camolfage). She wears it in a onytail down 2 her imd back.

Eyes: Blue (she wears contaces bcos glasses glint 2 much)

Height: 5'0

Wight: 100 lbs (averave, i think-- I looked it up, but the charst rso comfusing!)

Weapon: Slingshot, knive, and poison darts

Lust Object: None! She r. r. likes Frodo, but she doesn't drool or nething.

Continuums: LORT!

My new story!!! 4 Aurora's nexta dventur, will she change hsitory when she fall sthru a plothole? Ul have 2 read and c! R+R thanx! [PG-13 | Drama/Angst]
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When a new Agent joins thePPC, will she change sone1's life 4 the better? My 1st sory, R&R plx!!! [G | General/Romance]