Author: PPCLuvr
Agent Dafydd + The Gurl
Published: 2004/04/16
D/C: Its not mine lol!

Agent Dafyd wuz walking thru a coridor in teh big Ppc bilding (A/N lol i forgot wot its called!) wen a girl cam up to him. 'Hey' she said 'ur reely cute'. 'I no' he sed. Den she grabbed his arm adn puled him into a room. 'Kis me daffyd' she said. 'OK' he sed. And he did.

Agent Seline (A/N OMG I hat her soooo much!!!1) wuz wakling passed wen she herd a noyse from teh room. She opned teh dor adn sore Dafyd adn teh girl. 'OMG' she sed 'dafyd how cud u???!!!?' 'Go awy' sed dafyddd 'cant u see im busy???!'

Adn Seline wetn away and she went to a rom and she kiled hersefl adn noone carred. Adn Dafyd marred teh grl cuz she was perfect an she wuz his new patrner an she wuz bettr at it tahn Seline (who wuz ded lol) and stuff (A/N no shes not a marysue! cuz its teh PpC adn htere cant be marysues in teh ppC!!!1)

Adn teh grl wuz teh best asasssn eva (!!!) adn teh sun flower sed to teh grl 'I dun want to be in chagre ny more can u tak mi job?' and she sed 'sure as logn as Dafid can stil wokr wit me' and teh snuflowr sed 'sure!' and they huged adn teh sunflo left and teh grl wuz in chagre of teh pPc adn teh frst ting she did wuz 2 mak al teh asasins were pink uninfroms (A/N cuz i dun lik black!!1 lol) adn it wuz all bettr!

A/N wat did u thikn???! Shud I rite anuva chaptr???! Adn wot can i call teh grl???! I catn tinhk of a name!!!!!1 lol