Author: Satlie bisqut
Fyndin teh Pool
Published: 2010/07/14
Ajent Suli Marri Bella Feartherson teh third wnderd thru HQ, her sprakly unicorn myni Puffiekinz followng after her.

"what r we lookin 4, Suli" Puffiekinz askd as she wakled along.

"teh pool" Suli said fliping her perfect shiny blonde hair behind her shuolder. "we r gona 2 b teh first ajents to evar fynd it!!1!"

"relly? culz!!!!1' puffiekinz said her tail swishing perfectly. she and Suli were teh bestsest uv firendz, and she wuz glad tat she had been reskyued frum tat 1 bad storee. (AN: It wuz really bad guyz! U shuld not even luk 4 it!)

Anywayz, Suli and puffiekinz walked for HOURZ until tehy found a really dark hallway.

"i dont wanna go down there" puffiekinz sayd, she wuz skard.

"we hafta go doun there!!11 if we dont peeple will say "look @ them. tehy r skardy-kats and not ajents!" do u wnt taht"


"ten we go 4 it! Cum on11!!"

And so tehy went off on teh bezt adventrue EVARS!!!11!

Omg love it!!!!!!! Ur surch a good ritter!!!1 cnat wait 2 here moar bout tehh poolz u know wAt would be liek totally awesum is 4 there to b a pool parteh and all teh hott agnets and elfs waz there!!!! Omg dat would be gr8

Honest Critic
You MUST be joking. Sparkly unicorns? That is beyond childish, particularly given the cliches involved. Were you TRYING to burn my eyes? "Ajent"? Good grief, you are an idiot. That, or a monkey pounding on a keyboard. No, I take it back - a monkey wouldn't produce such low-quality drivel. Get back to school, child, and listen to your English teacher. That is, if you haven't already been expelled.
U R so Gr8! Ur storry is teh gr8test evur! Don;t lissen to those meenies. Ur Suli is not a MAry SUe!!!11!

Keep wrighting. I can;t w8 to C whut hapens!!!
The Dreaded Saltshaker
Seek and ye shall find if ye think not. of your destination. Promising premise. Apart from the spelling, I like it.
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
Oooh fun! I hope they find the pool soon and I'm so glad Suli rescued Puffiekinz from that bad story! You might want to watch it with the sparkly perfect-ness though because tht is the sort of stuff that makes MarySues. I'm not saying your story's bad because it isn't and I really want to see more but just thought i'd give you a bit of helpful commentry.