Author: umbrella
liz & avery go on a mission
Published: 2020/09/04

liz & avery go on a mission


no POV

one day in rc idkimtoolazytolookupt henumber the thingy the goes beep went beep

it waws loud

avery woke up

liz woke up

liz punhed the thingy that goes beep


it stopped

"what mission" aver said

"dangnaronpa" liz interprted

"what is dangnabbitronpapa" avery said

"dang gang rang rang is a kil game mystery ocular novel" liz said

"but thi is au with no killing game" liz said "they are just at hope school"

"also there is sue" liz said

"ok" avery sad now aware of dangitronpaul


avery n liz used the portal thingy I also don't remember the name of and went through the porta into badfic



sue POV

there was sue attending HOPE CHOOL

sue's name was sue

sue was the most beautiful

sue was the ultimate matchmaker

not match like fire match like romance


every1l oved sue

even toko and toko didnt like nobody except byakuya

sue looked @ toko n byakuyaku (the two were conversationing)

"m-mastr" toko stumbled

"leave" blyatkuya authorizationed

"stepon me master" toko said

"OUT of my SIGHT stinky" byakuya said

"pls" toko said

"adorabl" sue thot

and then toko and byakugan KISSED

this is power of the ULTIMATE MATCHMAKER



no POV

"ow bad" liz said

"so bad" avery acuieced

"at least the relationship is kind of? canon?" liz said "it's more one-sided though"

"still bad" avery said

"yes" liz said



sue POBV

nagito fell out a window but was fine because badluck good luck red luck blue luck

nagito feel underground and met SANS UNDERTALE

"perfect" the su sd and activeated the ULTIMATE MATCHMAKER powers

nagito and SANS UNDERTALE got married lived happly everyafter



no POV

"why" liz said

"why" avery said

"kanye west he likes fingers in his ass" monokuma (he is bear( said



sue POV

hajime and chiaki played videogames and it was nice

sue nodded consent like how you agree with people in the games GEDDIT

kokichi threw a water ablloon at hajime and chiaki and ruind the vide ogame

"what" hajimeme mystified

chia pet threw a water balloon back "this is war"

"i lied lol" kokichi said

he was not a prank he was uwu soft boi this is 110% canon come on you guys hes not THAT bad dont be haterz

there was no water balloon

hajime and chiaki played videogames and it was nice

sue nodded consent like how you agree with people in the games GEDDIT



no POV

"what happen" liz said

"somebody set us up the bomb" avery said "I think"

"what liz said"



sue POV

sue liked setting up her classmates in ships

but sue still sad

all this romance but non for sue

sue thingk hmmmmmmmmmm



but who is best for sue?

sue looked around

then she saw scraf man hamster robot name man mr sandman man me a sand make it the cutest man car door hook hand

"I GOT IT!" sue said like when u choose a right multiple choice anser in the games GEDDIT

"hey gungun" sue said

"what" gundham said

"date me" sue said

"ok" gundham said

"NOOOOOOO" sonia said snobbily in the background bc sonia like gundham too but sue was better tso sue dated gundham instead

stupid dumb sonia princess royalty lady thinks she's so speciall because HAHA FOREIGN no no bad bad bad she SUCKS

sonia fell out a window and died because she is not luck and is bad



no POV

"time to kill" liz said

"agree" avery agree

"lets go" liz said

ok avery said

liztook a ste

liz took as tep

liz took a stp

liz took a stepp

liz took a step

avery walked



sue POV

"these are the FOUR DARK DEVA S OF DESTRUCTION" gun said

hamstrs in gun scarf

I forget the four dark devas names woops

"adorable" sue said

sue pet the dark darks destruction hamsters

gundma had to go to class and left

sue read bok



no POV

"now we go" liz said

"rite" avery said

they go to kill sue



lz and AVRIL LAVIGNE walked up to sue

"you did bad things" liz said

"yeah you messed with canon now you mess with US" avery said

"SORE WA CHIGAU YO (NO, THAT'S WRONG)" the sue said like makoto in the game GEDDIT

"what" liz said"

"what avery said

"die" sue said

sue punched liz

"ow" liz said

avery stabed sue

"ow" su said

but sue had secret weapon

sue was not just ultimate matchmaker...........................


sue was secretly ULTIMATE ULTIMATE and had EVERY TALENT

somebody in the background looked into the camera like in the office

"not cool, dude"


sue also was he secret secret student hidding somewwhere in the ceiling the one know as why does she exist watch out wathch out for her

somebody else in the background looked into the camera like in the office



then su through an electlic fence t avery

"ZAXSDCFVGBHN" avery said

"NO" liz said

"im fine it was joke" avery said

"lol" liz said

"lol" avery said

"lol" monokuma said

"wait why are you here this is not killing game?" liz said

"bears are eternal" mononucleosus said

avery punted monominah (do-dooo do-do-do) off a cliff and monokuma exploded and dedu

"finally" sue said "he was annoying"

"yeah ikr" liz said

"wait were fighting" everybody said in unison


then liz stabbed the sue with 1000 yugioh cards and died

avery ws sad and stabbed the sue and sue died but avery also died like that one scene in the death of superman GEDDIT

everybody died and it was sad

fission mailed

the end

yay glad u like
THSI IS SO FUNNY!! The bestpart is defiantly the danggangromper sue!!
Gacha Queen Mel

It was epic and stuff

me likey