Author: xXtaguelQUEENXx
Broken souls
Published: 2019/09/08

The night was dark. Chenille walked sneakilythrough the spooky trees towards the cabin he knew people were in. Dumb teenage girls who did not know he was there.

He got there the lock was locked but he had a special key that nobody knew he had and unlocked the door There was a many gasp from the girl but chenille just smiled and put a finger up in a shooshmotion and they stayed quiet in feer as he shut the dokr and locjed it again.

"None of you are allowed to talk,"He whispered huskily as he pulled out a knife.

"No! one of the girls yelled, movjng in front of them with her arms out to protect them. "I will protect my friends!!1!!!"shesaid.

Chenille gasped! She was so pretty, with shoulder length pure white hair and silver eyes that shimmered. She was wearing a dark hoodie with purple patternsand gold trim, and had on steal toes boots and jeans.

"Whats you're name,"? He asked.

"Merula" she stated.

He couldnt kill her, she was too beautiful and defiant.

Chenille left by unlocking the dokr and leaving, ruby eyes ablaze with feelings he had not felt before. He would find her again.

End Chapter
A/N Hey there! Thia is my first fic comment plz! Flamez will be used to roast smores!

Chenille is just misundetstkod, he's so hawt and actually super nice he just had a bad childhood. Merula will fix him, dont worry!


~Merula's POV~

Merula was so scaryed of the man that broke into their cabin. Sh was terrified but she had to act and protect her frkends even tho she was powerless she still had to try.she jumped up in front of them and looked at the man in the eye and said" No!! I will protect my friends,"

His eyes were mesmerizing.. . they were a deep ruby anr so sad, like they were crying out for help! Merula almost wanted to cry for him. But... She COULDN'T.

"What i your naem? He asked.

"Mweula", ahe stated confidently. She wasso scaryed she almost didn't!

But then he left by unlocking the door and ran off to th edark night. Merula ran after him and saw..... ........ ............... ... .....
He transfromed into a taguel!!!!111!!1!!! .

No way it couldn'tbe, merula tought. But it was and she was so sad for him he must have been a monster!

But was hereally a monster or did he just think he was one?

End of chapter
A/N thank sso much to a freind for an idea for this!! Flams go intò a fire xDDDD

[Ch 2] plz update I want to know if Mweula (sounds spanish) turns Chinille good!
[Ch2] Your HTML broke again. Also I still don't understand this setup in the slightest. What are taguels and why do they target young women in cabins? What makes Merula decide what's-his-name struggles with being a monster and needs redemption love someone to feel bad for him? She's literally never seen this dude before, he just broke into their cabin, and she outright admits she's also scared of him!

(Yeah I know his name's Chenille, I just don't care.)
Your HTML broke. Also what's Chenille's issue? Is he a vampire? Hunterheart Changeling (look it up, it's cool)? Refugee from a generic slasher movie? I suppose some of that'll get answered next time, but I like knowing what I'm in for right from the start.
This is beautiful! I really like it when characters "meet cute," and what's cuter than this? Chenille sounds adorable inside and I'm sure he'll learn to stop unlocking random cabins as this romance blooms.

I think you might want to work on your punctuation and grammar, though; there are a few missing spaces and confusing punctuation ("Whats you're name,"?). I'm anxiously awaiting your next update!