Author: Looee Carololol
Alice In Wonerland
Published: 2019/09/08
part 1

Alice The Horse was walking through ppc hq (on to legs!!1!) and was flying around hq becase he can wen he fell down a rabbit hoke! He fell dow n and hit the walls a lot and smashed into the floor with a big CRUNCH!1!!!!1!!
Alice said "is where am i and made a sad horse noise.
He then say a cake that said "ate me ' and a sippy cup that said "drunk me* So he did and he got SUPeR SmOL!!1
Alice saw a tinny hole and said "let's a go Wahoo' and goed threw! The alice said 'whera em i ' cause he were in WONDERLAMD!!!!!!!!!!1;!!!!!!


AUTHOR NOTE:dis is my first fanfic of the PCC plz love and reveiw and rate 5stars!!1!! No flames please im only 8!!!1! I wiil make chapter 2if I get enough loves!!;!1!!

part 2

Alright guys this is my second fan fic and this time i took some advice and took some advice and let my 11 year old brother do some proofreading! I would have let my 16 year sister proofread but she was in the hospital!!!

Alice the horse was walking throuhg a big forest of mushrooms and flowers and then one of the roses grew a face and said "KISS ME LOVE"!! "ew no' said alice before running. How do i get bigger again? alice wondered.
Then a fat worm with a hooky pipe in its face said "i can help you just eat that mushroom" and pointed toward a big red mushroom.
Alide troted over and took a bite of the mushroom and suddenly her world got a woozy. "ThAt wAsN't ThE rIgHt MuShRoOm!!1!!" Said alice before falling over.

When alic ewoke up she was stilll sideways on the floor. The worm was laughing. "HAhoho you FELL for that NAGGER'
"hey thats recist' Alice said before lighting him on fire.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed the worm before exploding into a pile of fat, hooky and chiken mcnuggets.
"Well, what now?" Alice mumbled to herself.


Thank you for thr reveiws!!! I will keep trying to do this and mek it as fun as i can for you!!!11!

[Ch2] This story wuld b bettr if Jaycacia was in it. Or someobyd hott lyk Illian. IDK who alic even is? Iz this a PPC fic??? The Flowers don't seem lyk PPC Flowers. Where's the OS???

I guess itz cre8tiv, tho u shuld take out the drucs and racism and stuff cuz thats gross and they don'[t do taht in HQ.

LOL at chicekn McNuggets!

OMG so random!!! I luve the random capitalization for emphaziz and the parenthesis reealy clears things up!

Write more plz!!!
How did you even get here? Don't you need to be 13 or older for a FanficWorld account? That aside...look, I'll be honest; this story's kind of a mess. You get points for focusing on Alice the horse to begin with since people don't seem to do that a lot, and some for the punny name and concept, but so far this just looks like a super-short version of the original except with a horse.

Which could also work! Lord knows there are plenty of talking animals around Wonderland. Just...just try to spell things better next time, all right?

Verdict: 2.5 painted rose bushes out of 5.