Author: zZzSwagMortzZz
Inner Wolves
Published: 2019/09/08
A/N: I know this is smuttier than what I usually write, but I had this idea and couldn't not do it.

Ix and Charlie were sitting around the Courtyard and talking about stuff.

"You know," Charlie said to Ix, "there's some aspects of being a werewolf I've never gotten to experience."

"Like what?" Ix asked.

"Well, they say that werewolves have some really great sex in wolf form." Charlie said, smiling at Ix.

"Mmmm, yeah, we do," Ix said, reminiscing on all the wonderful times they'd had with their pack back home.

"Haven't found anyone to find out about that with," the druid said wistfully.

"Hm ... you're nice to hang out with ... I could give you a demonstration."

"Aren't you married?" Charlie asked.

"We're sexually open," Ix said. "Charlotte and I both have a lot of needs and can't always satisfy each other."

"Well, that's convenient," Charlie said. "I'm in for fucking you."

"Uh, actually, my wolf form has a dick." Ix said shyly. "So I'd be fucking you."

"Oh. Huh. Well then, that works too." Charlie replied. "How're we going to get the full moon though?"

Ix pulled out an RA. "I know just the place." they said. "Mind shifting first?"

Charlie instantly turned into a wolf as Ix opened a portal to a forest somewhere. Charlie then trotted through the portal and waited for Ix.

As Ix came into the forest and saw the full moon, they howled and began transforming. Waves of pleasure swept their body as they assumed their true canine form.

Charlie bent down and stuck her willing, already moist slit into the air.

As Ix finished transforming, they smelled the wolf in front of them and were overcome by lust. They shoved their nose into Charlie's passage and sniffed around, then stepped back.

Mine, they growled telepathically as they pounced onto Charlie, driving their already-erect member deep into Charlie's body, not caring about the small whimper of pain they heard as they plunged into their new mate.

Yours, Charlie replied, thrusting back to get more of that big thick cock inside her.

Ix kept their mate pinned down by putting their front paws on her shoulders as they thrust forward again and again. They panted with lust and need as their knot expanded, locking them in place.

Charlie moaned and whimpered with pleasure as Ix took them. They kept pushing back, trying to get more of Ix's rod. She needed to be filled. She began dripping with juices as her sheath lubricated itself to allow Ix's thrusts to penetrate further.

When Ix's knot inflated inside her, she let out a small howl.

More, please more, I need more, she begged.

And more she got. Ix kept going, roughly fucking Charlie as they became possessed by their wolf spirit. Ix and Charlie's whimpers of pleasure filled the area around them.

Finally, after fifteen more minutes of vigorous action, Ix gave off a might howl as they filled Charlie with their seed. Their knot locked them in place, keeping Charlie pinned under them as they howled more, flooded with ecstasy.

Charlie pushed back against Ix's sword a few more times, looking to squeeze her own pleasure out of that wonderful cock. It worked, and Charlie's juices flooded onto Ix's dick as she came several times, howling with joy.

The two werewolves lay there panting for a few minutes until Ix's knot deflated. Ix then got off of Charlie and went back through the portal, where they transformed back into a human, clearing away all the traces of their raunchy escapades.

Charlie came in after them and popped back into human form.

"That was fun!" she said with a smile, hugging Ix. "We should do it again!"

"You were great," Ix said, hugging Charlie back and kissing her. "We should do that again soon."

"Same time next week?" Charlie suggested.

"Same time next week." Ix agreed.

I adore every part of this. You can really see the depth of the relationship Ix and Charlie have with each other! I also liked the transformation sequence; I know Ix normally has a hard time with the moon, so it's nice to see them let their hair down and their fur out once in a while :-).