Morten The Warrior Son Of Martin The Warrior
Published: 2019/09/09

morten son of martin the warrior

a/n: i love redwall and wished i owned it. your prob not evan cool enoug to no what redwall evan is. sticks tongue out. its a obscur fantasy series about mice for kids butt its super dark and epic so its ok for a 15 year old to like and written by brian jacks rip. morten is my oc do not steal. REDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

morten wuz martin the warriors son. he had his fathers sord and was the mightiest mouse at redwall. everytime he said redwall he woul say REDWAAAAAAAAALL and his friends would laugh but if you herd it and you was his enema you would die shortly imedietly. but it wasnt all sunshin and daisys for morten. his father had to raise him in secret cuz his mother was actually a cat (a/n: there where ratweasels in one of the books so it can happen). he was beaten up by bullies of redwall but then he killed him and people wanted him to die but then the a bot (not sure who this a bot is yet) sad 'no its' not our way" and he was forgiven and then an evil rate named Clooney the second sourged came. but then morten held a lift martins (his father) sord and beaten back CLooney. Now Clooney is back but as a bat(man, this story is gonna be epiiiiiic) and now morten must face donw his old menesis.

end, chap 1

a\n: wait for my chaprters! this is all i could get out before church. love yal and rememeber for REDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL

Uh, I think you're in the wrong section. This is PPC fanfic, not Redwall. You've marked it as the former, for some reason (unless Morten is going to become an agent or run into some later?)

Also, uh, you might want to turn on your spellcheck. It'll help make your story easier to follow!