Author: WolfQuill
Alfson and Cheon, Shpxin' in a Tree...
Published: 2019/09/10
((((Authors note: Hey everyone this ones just an idea i had so its gonna be quick unless you guys like it then I'll maybe do more))))

((((Also idk how the World tree works I just assumed it's like really really big tree with random porntals and stuff))))

((((Also this is straight sex so. You're been warned))))

((((these characters are mine but the tree isn't Ricky buddy please don't don't sue me))))

Orlando Alfson was really really horny. He was naked in bed in his RC, wishing for a partner - female, even thoughhe's usually bisexual a girl is better. His eyes quickly and suddenly flashed with an idea so he left his bed and wandered into the hallway. Finding a door with a very big tree behind it, he grabbed a leaf and began to climb. This tree is REALLY big, he thought in his sleepy state.


After a while Orlando stopped climbing the tree.

((((I know his usual name is Ollie but I like Orlando better))))

((((Also, message me if you can find the starkid reference! Hint: Trail to Oregon is the last show I watched))))

He looked around to the different branches around him and what it said - there was one called "Star Wars" and another was called "Star Trek", this one had a lot of smaller branches coming out. The branch he eventually went, though, was labeled "Firefly" and he knew exactly what he'd get out of it. "Che-on... he called seductively. Suddenly, a very strong woman appeared looking disgruntles.

"Orlando what do you want from me" Marie said like a cowboy.

Orlando lay backward's on the tree branch and grinned with his teeth showing. "Just a dickin'."

Marie smiled too and took off her clothes, hanging them on a nearby branch. "Just this once pretty boy." Orlando smiled.

((((Author's note: I don't know how to do straight sex so apologies if i get anything wrong))))

He took off his clothes too and beckened for his partner - both professional and literal. She moaned and sat on him. He chuckled. "All the recent training is good for you"

"You know it"

They finished several minutes later and went back to the RC - the next day promised to be a very hard one since they stayed up so late.

((((Get it. HARD.))))