Author: lololRANDUMXD
The Random Adventures of RC 5768
Published: 2019/09/12

Disclaimer: I own Chelsea and Lemon and NOTHING ELSE!!!!
Chapter 1:
It was a dreadfully boring day. Lemon the rat, in her cleaning witch outfit, was sweeping the floor, dusting the crevices, and cleaning the bathtub. As she swept the floor, her broom bumped into a pink, big-eyed squid.

"Chelsea," asked the rat in a warning tone. "What are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" replied the squid.

Expecting an answer, Lemon said nothing, but neither did Chelsea. Finally, she asked, "Being an obstacle?"

"I'm lying on the ground!" Chelsea then rapidly shifted between her squid form and humanoid form, making blopblopblopblopblop sounds from doing so.

The rat facepalmed. "Why, though?"

The squid finally stopped rapidly shifting and stayed in her squid form. "Because."

"Because why?"

"Because because."

Oh, we are so not doing this now. "Chelsea, get up before I sweep you out."

The squid, still lying on the floor, somehow spun like a spinning bottle on the floor. "Make meeeeeeeeeeee!"

The rat then proceeded to chase the squid, somehow without success. The squid slithered around the floor faster than the rat's broom could touch her.

Then, with a whistle, the rat's shadow clones, one holding a duster, the other holder a towel, stopped their chores to assist her.

As the rat and her clones chased the slippery squid, the squid laughed.

"I'm not ranked XX for nothing!!!!!" proclaimed the squid, finding a good moment to rapidly shift between the forms.

The rat and her clones, after politely waiting for the blopping to end, surrounded the squid, but before they could grab her, the squid puffed up and flew into the air like a bottle rocket, over the rats, over the ceiling, before landing just before the door.

"Byesy!" the squid cheerfully greeted before slithering out the door into the hallways.

"Humph," Lemon humphed. "Fine. At least you're out of the-" The rat suddenly sniffed the air. Ink.

Much like that of a bottle rocket, Chelsea had left a trail of pink ink, which landed on the floor with a line leading to the door.

"HUMPH," Lemon humphed again. She snapped her fingers to summon her shadow clones, both of which went poof, then reappeared slightly closer to her. "FINE."

Then the rats proceeded to clean the dread (p)ink stain with loaves of bread.

To be continued...?

Chapter 2
Disclaimer: I own Chelsea and Lemon and NOTHING ELSE!!!!

Revenge of the Lemon

One sleepy night, Lemon was stewing in bed. That awful Chelsea, being that awful obstacle and making thay awful mess and making her waste such precious bread. The dammed squid even told her that the awful ink would vanish if you wait a few minutes! The nerve of that squid, thinking she could absolve responsibility of her actions! But now, Lemon is thinking of a plan, and it will be very sweet... FOR HER THAT IS!!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!

000ooo000 SPOOPY 000ooo000

One day, a beutiful Inkling girl slept like a princess on the couch. Her long beuatiful pink tentacle hair was opalescent like a pearl, but also still pink.

She wore what would be considered the freshest gear of Inkopolis and it also doubled as pajames. They were so beautiful that it cannot be described by mortal mean.s Who knew that such a gracfeul and beautiful squid girl was the very same Chelsea that made that awful pink stain on the floor.

A pale, yet equally beautiful rat girl loomed over the gracefully sleeping figure. She held a homemade lemon curd pie on one hand. "I will have my revenge." She threw the pie but the sleeping squid did not get hit because she vanished!

"Hahaha what was that?" said a mocking voice from behind.

Lemon turned around to find that same beautigful squid girl looking at her with dazzling emerald eyes and Such a beautiful yet a mocking cruel smile.

"lolol nice try" The beautiful squid then rapidly shifted between the forms to make a blopping sound and rose from the ground and went through the ceiling.

"HOW???" bellowed the rat Lemon.

"I hacked the game that's how". the squid girl answered from behind the rat.

Then Lemon threw a pie at the squid but the squid hacked the game and the pie went poof before it could hit the beutigul squid's face. Then Lemon thrw some morea pies and they all missed. Then Lemon threw a pie laser and even that couldn'yt hit her.

"HAHAHAhahaha foolish mortal cant even aimmmmmm" lolled Chelsea.

"But you are mortal" countered Lemon.

"I hacked the game, that makes me not mortal lol"

"RRRHUMMPHHH" the rat humphed bfore throwing a pie on the floor. How can the rat give the awful squid her just desserts now???

"Awww whats the matter [ERROR: TRANSLATION NOT FOUND]?" asked the squid.




"[EROR: TANSFGSTE-]" then Chelsea threw her translation device on the floor. "Woomy manmenmi squimememe-"

Then a pie crashed into Chelsea's divine face as she tried to gracefully fiddle with her translator.

"GASPPP" gasped the rat. "I WON! I HAVE MY REVENGE!!!!"

"Nooooo" exclaimed the Inkling

To be continued...?