Author: DuskWater
When Grace Met Jacques
Published: 2019/09/19
I wrote a thing!!

"When Grace Met Jacques <3" is the story of Jacques Bonnefoy (swoon~!) and Grace Null (she's a Time Lady and shes awesome, she bartends in rudi's and so on) getting together to have a very good time *giggles* I can't believe I wrote this!!!

Anyway, here it is! Please r&r especially if you think this pairing should TOTALLY be canon at least for a bit because seriously they'd be fun together!!! Reviews are like candy to me--I love them so much! So feed your author! :)

Summary: Jacques Bonnefoy and Grace Null have a very exciting time together~!!

Disclaimer: Jacques belongs to Zingenmir and Grace is Delta Juliette's (but i'd totally do better things with them see the following for details! ;) please r and r and lmk if you agree they should be together in canon or at lest have SOMETHING going on!!

"You know, I hear vampires can phase through leather," Jacques said. As lines went, it was awesome; you melted in place, grinning like mad.

"Yeah?" you said. "What a coincidence. I happen to be wearing a leather jacket."

Jacques stepped closer with an oddly attractive (despite being arrogant) saunter. "Maybe we should check that out. What do you say?" He began to slide his hand up the sleeve of your jacket. You could feel the whorls and grooves on his fingers because of your amazing Time Lady senses.

"Oh, I say ‘yes,'" you said, feeling a little breathless because, after all, even Time Ladies aren't immune to hot guys. "Absolutely yes."

"Fantastic," Jacques murmured, and leaned in to kiss you.

The first brush of his lips against yours would have been nothing special but for the racing of your hearts. The second was pleasant; the third was don't stop now; the fourth was heading straight for electrifying, and the fifth-

The fifth was cut short when his hand got stuck up your sleeve and he pulled back, laughing. "Okay, I guess I'm not a vampire." He pulled his hand free, and smoothed your sleeve down, before leaning in to kiss you fiercely.

It was almost a shame. There's this line: ‘shut up and kiss me, you idiot.' You were about to get to say it. It would have been fun.


Twenty minutes ago, you were looking in the mirror in your TARDIS wardrobe. You had finally found your outfit for tonight-including some color complementing undergarments. Now you were thinking about makeup and going over your appearance again.

"Okay," your future self told you. You were Grace Null, Time Lady and time traveler extraordinaire; situations like this, with your future self in the same room as you, were really common some days. "Stop second-guessing the outfit-you look fit. He'll love it."

"Okay," you said. "That's good. Very good." You cleared your throat, straightened your shoulders, and took a closer look in the mirror.

Your hair was long, dark, and silky, and you had it clipped up in a way that could come apart in seconds with the right touch. You were a little short, but slender and with a gorgeous figure; your skin was soft and perfect.

"You're going to fit together really, really nicely," your future self told you. "Seriously. It's amazing. The things he can do with his mouth are just..." She broke off, shivering.

You took another look in the mirror. Your skin looked sallow; you were too short, and freckled in the exact wrong places. Still, the outfit fit well, except around the stomach, which stuck out a little too much, and-

Your future self poked you hard in the arm. "Put on the jacket and stop moping. Trust me, when he starts kissing you you're going to stop worrying. Mostly."


The jacket's off now, because it couldn't stay on for long, not really. Your future self took over the bar with a wink a few minutes ago, not that Jacques noticed; still, even exceptional humans can't notice everything, and he's very focused on the current you anyway. It got left in Rudi's and then you were off, pressing each other into the walls along the way while you searched for anywhere, any door that would lead you somewhere agents wouldn't be likely to trip over you right when you finally managed to get his shirt up over his head (you were trying very hard, but his mouth and hands were very distracting and seemed to distract him at the same time so he wasn't helping).

You might have pulled a little on the strings of Time to make it work a little faster: suddenly, you were finding a door handle under your hand and opening it. Jacques barely seemed to have to look to find his way to the bed, which was conveniently large-ish and in the main room.

"Nice superpower," you gasped. Your mouth was free, because his was at the side of your neck, and-

He nipped at the join of your neck and shoulders, making you gasp. A callback to the vampire line from earlier, huh? wasn't a bad one. You'd kind of enjoy more of it.

But okay, no, the shirt. The shirt absolutely had to go!

"Your shirt," you said after a moment of trying to find your words again. His fingers were sliding up your thighs; you could feel every millimeter in your body, building heat. "It has to go. Now."

He laughed and brought his hands up to cup your face as he kissed you firmly; then he pulled back and tugged the shirt up over his head and threw it off to the side. It landed on top of a mini-Balrog and began to scorch; the mini hissed annoyedly and went off into another room, taking the shirt with it.

"Oh, you're gorgeous," you breathed. You sounded British, of course. All Time Lords did. It was a law of the universe, or something; no one really questioned it.

Jacques winked. "I know, right?" He stepped back in until you could touch him, but before you could make contact- "Now, you."

Your hands faltered in mid-air. "Me?"

Jacques smiled. "Oh, yeah. We have to make things even, don't we?" He leaned in to capture your lips again, licking into your mouth and drawing a low moan as his hands began to ruck up the short, ruffled skirt of your deep purple sundress with bright, eye-catching yellow ruffles and gold embroidery again.

"There-there's a zipper," you managed to gasp finally. "On the, uh, back-"

Jacques found it and pulled it down. The fabric went slack instead of hugging your figure, and several long seconds later his fingers had brushed so lightly over your shoulders that he left goosebumps on you, and the fabric was pooling at your feet.

He whistled, low and appreciative. "Oh, look at you!"

You obeyed, looking down at yourself. First you saw your body: your stomach swelled slightly, and your breasts were cradled in-oh, right! The underwear! It was yellow and gold, with half-cups on the bra showing more flesh than you usually bothered with (it wasn't every day you got to fall into bed with former Time Agents), and lace on the underwear which was skimpier than your usual (and a little bit itchy, what with the lace) but still wearable. Nothing digging in, but lace in places where it usually wasn't and missing from places where fabric usually went-

You looked up and caught the look in his eyes, pupils widened and turning his eyes darker with sheer lust. You grinned and stepped out of the dress; that look gave you more than enough confidence to strike a sultry little pose, and ask, "So, do you like what you see?"

His eyes raked over you and then met your own again, his gaze intent as he stepped forward. "Let me show you just how much I like what I see," he said in a low voice.


[blah, blah, TARDIS. It's beautiful and eerie and detailedly described because you can't not. It has all these clever bits and bobs and soaring emerald ceilings and alllllll the tree motifs and many, many cool rooms including the giant wardrobe with all the clothing you've ever imagined and some you haven't, and a library with all the books in the world in it, and there's a pool where she swims a lot to build up muscle and relax and it's just the most pleasant place to be in. She loves it. It's her home, always. It loves her, and she loves it, and you can feel it in the very hum of the TARDIS as it greets her.]


You were both on the bed now, Jacques completely naked and you still with, unfortunately, the itchy underwear. Still, it was barely a distraction by now: Jacques lay half over you, a solid warm weight that pressed you wonderfully into the mattress. Your long hair was down now, spilling over his arm. Your kiss hadn't broken in so long you were beginning to wonder vaguely how he hadn't had to pull away for breath yet (you, of course, had the ever-handy pulmonary tubes to help you breathe); the hand that wasn't supporting the rest of his weight cupped one of your breasts, rubbing it in increasingly teasing circles. You could feel your heartsbeat throbbing at double-time.

He was gasping when the kiss finally broke, but didn't let it stop him. Instead, he began to kiss his way down your body, pausing to nip at a nipple. His hand wandered over your waist, hitting sensitive spots you'd never realized you had until he touched them.

And then he was drawing the underwear down your legs (yes, no more itchy lace), and kissing and nibbling his way up your inner thighs, and then you were gasping, because he wasn't touching you properly, just breathing and occasionally licking too lightly to do more than tease-

He chuckled, finally, and leaned in to lick a full stripe exactly where you wanted him. You moaned, and then his hands were spreading your legs further apart, massaging shivers into your thighs as he licked inside you and kept going until you were begging him not to stop. He didn't; instead, he began to hum, and the vibrations soon tipped you over the edge. For a long moment, you saw galaxies blooming in your mind.

When your vision and mind cleared, he was back in view and looking very pleased with himself.

Too pleased with himself. You had to get the upper hand here, somehow, but how...

Oh. That's how.

You grinned at him, and pushed him onto his back with your superior Time Lord strength (it really came in handy sometimes). He laughed breathlessly-only for it to blend into a groan as you lined him up and sank down onto him.

"Taking charge, huh, Grace?" he asked. His hands ran up your legs to feel where you were joined (getting a shiver out of both of you), and then moved up to rake fingernails lightly over your waist and around to your back before cupping your increasingly sensitive breasts. "I love it."

"Good," you told him, and guided one of his hands into a better way of touching before you began to move. It didn't take long before you were both gasping and he was moaning softly into your mouth with every rise and fall (you'd leaned forward by then to kiss him, and he'd raised himself on one elbow to meet you halfway, because you had to have your mouth on his, you just had to. After a good few minutes of this, your legs weren't tired because your Time Lord body was strong enough to keep this going for hours, if he could keep up (and oh, if he could that would be incredible), but you let him roll you over anyway, because it would get him that much deeper inside you. The pressure, the human heat of him-it felt absolutely fan-tas-tique-

His clever fingers found the best spot to tease to bring you to the height of your pleasure, and you fell over it with a beautifully surprised shriek of joy. He bit your neck, sending another jolt of pleasure through you, and then licked and nibbled over the spot, his breath hot on the damp skin. Through all this he kept moving, until you were moaning again with how sensitive you'd become. But you didn't push him away, because you could already feel the luscious tension building again, and you could feel him getting closer, and closer-and oh, going over together with him sounded like the most amazing idea you'd ever come up with, so this time it was your own fingers that trailed downward. You brushed against him in the process, drawing first a gasp and then a moan when he realized what you were doing. And soon after, with him speaking admiring compliments into your skin, you both crested into waves upon waves of pleasure.

When you came back to yourselves, you were lying pressed tightly together. Moving languidly, Jacques rolled away to the side. It wasn't quite clear whether he pulled you close or you moved of your own accord, but soon you were lying with your head on his shoulder and strands of your sweat-damp hair sticking to your back.

You stayed there cuddling until a portal opened and a very tall man stepped through. He didn't notice you at first: he put his gear down, unslung a white quiver full of short spears and put it on a table, and then-

He turned toward the bed and his eyebrows went up. "So you're bringing other people here now?"

You glanced up at Jacques, who was smiling happily. "Su! I didn't know we'd ended up in your RC."

Su (still looking very tall, and very muscular, and with long grey hair and a weird choice of t-shirt) folded his arms. "Just a happy accident for you, huh?"

"Guess so," Jacques said. He tipped his head back as he stretched, successfully drawing the other agent's gaze for a moment. "Hey, this is Grace. Grace, this is Agent Suicide, of the DMS."

Oh, you thought, with emphasis. Oh dear.

And then his partner stepped through a fresh portal, and saw the two of you and got a curious look on her face and-

You cleared your throat and sat up, using a Time Lady burst of speed and temporal manipulation to get dressed in seconds. "I'd better get going, actually. Nice meeting you, Suicide, Diocletian; Jacques..." You couldn't help but lean down to kiss him again, even though you weren't surprised when he turned it into a longer kiss. "See you around," you murmured. "If you see a TARDIS with a silver tree motif on dark green, she's mine and you're more than welcome to knock."

"Count on it," Jacques murmured back, and then you were out the door, leaving him to smile after you and then turn the expression on Agent Suicide (of all people!) and as you reached the edge of earshot, you heard-

"So, how are you planning to make using my bed without me in it up to me?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure Thiranduil ran off with my shirt earlier, so really, you might owe me..."

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its up!!!

Idk about like a full on cowrite, because i have school and stuff, but i'm totally down to try writing that scene for you!! (and maybe some others in the future, idk yet ;) ) anyway I'm so glad you love my work~!!!

Awah!!!! I love love love love your work it's so good aaaa! If you want to do a cowrite with me Id ttly be down for that! <3

And yay yay I can't wait to see the new fic!!!
Oky, so it isn't happening exactly, buuuuuuuuuut............ you gave me the push I needed to finally starte writing my Jacques/Su fic!!! I'll put the first chapter up in a minute, its going to be amazing!!!!
btw i read your fic and it's awesome! i love aus sooooooooo muuuuuuuuuuch even if i do't walways write them myself!! And if you want someone else to maybe try to write the next scene......maybe I could give it a go? it could be good practice for my new fic (eventually ;)) and i think it'd be fun and I can always do a fade to black if it's too much!! What do you think~??

Mayyyyyybe~~~ ;) but this was my first time ever writing a lemon tbh so idekkkkk if i can pull another one off!! lets say hes doing it off screen and maybe on screen if i can make it happen.......

So happy you liked it!!!!!!!

Omg that was so hot! You should write more oneshots of the Grace and Jacques doing it! Eheh hehheh. Is he going to do it with Su and Dio next though???