Author: DuskWater
New fic!!!!
Published: 2019/09/19

Hihi!! I don't know what to call this one yet, and I only just started it, but updates will happen and in the meantime, well, it's going to be awesome!! I thought I'd do something a little bit different and here it is! A romance starring Jacques and Su (and Jenni. Sorry Jenni fans, there miiiiiiight be a little bashing here...i do love her normally, but for this fic it just doesn't work for her to be nice!!)

Anyway here it is!! And if u have suggestions for a title, let me know!!

Agent Suicide was getting married.

Yeah, he was as surprised as everyone else, but hey, when a girl like Jennifer Robinson asks you to bond yourself to her, you can't say no! It just wasn't thinkable!

So he had his long hair braided (Jenni had insisted he color it back to what it had been vefore it turned grey, so it was now a rich brown that made him jump whenever he saw it), and he was wearing ancient Greek robes because that was the closest they could find-

And he was standing at the end of an aisle waiting for her to come in.

He looked into the audience, and saw Diocletian, his partner, was already crying. Nothing had even happened yet!

And then the music swelled and the doors opened and everyone stood up...and in swept Jenni, wearing a white, sparkling ballgown wedding dress with a long train and a beautiful veil. Her smile was sweet and triumphant. Her hand was wrapped tightly around the arm of Jacques Bonnefoy, the handsome, rakish man she'd taken up with a while back and introduced Suicide to eventually (and reluctantly). They got on amazingly well, funnily enough, and had even made it into bed together a few times, though they hadn't been stupid enough to mention it to Jenni. It wasn't not an open relationship, but even she had her limits, and finding out two of her guys had been going at it behind her back would have ended really badly.

But now Jenni and Su were getting married so it was going to have to stop...he felt sad about that, but pushed it aside, because really, what could they possibly do about it now?


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Lemony Eggnog




Okay, Lem, deep breaths; deep, calming breaths...

You know, I remember suggesting Jacques/Jenni to you last year.

This is not what I meant.

What really blows my mind is that you know you're doing wrong and you're doing it anyway. Honestly, go and look up "free love" in the dictionary. Do you see the name "Jennifer Robinson" listed there? You should! Right behind "Luxury" and "Jacques Bonnefoy" and shortly ahead of Su.

But you know that. Gah. Just, gah! Why u do dis?

At least you didn't actually involve Nume wait that's not a suggestion stop-!!