Author: HotUkuleleLover
Ur Majesty teh Daisy!
Published: 2010/07/14

Ur Majesty teh Daisy!
Author: HotUkuleleLover
Cat: PPC, acshun!

A/N summery: Teh Daisy (not taht snooby Markey, teh oter one, teh awesum Daysey!)is liek ttlly underappreshiated. He haven;t evin got a Deepartament!1! I fix that in tihs storry!!

tEH Daisy was walking through the Head 1/4's and saw agents being lost. He help teh agents becuz he was a good Planrt. He help the agents to go wear tehy knead to go. Then he tink abut his own problum. He think how that SunFlower Offishul and Markey Day Sod was bad Plants! They was meen to teh agents. Thay wudn't give him no Deportment, evin tho he was good Plant.

Teh Daysey had a cunning pan. This pan wood put that meen SunFower and Mareky in the place tey belonged in!!1. They belonged in teh worstest badfic evur! Teh Daysey had finded tis badfic (dunt werry, I won't name tihs so no1 has to be a fr8d to C there storry named here!)

The Daysey had gr8 poewrs taht teh Sunflwoer nevur cared abut. He cud fly! and he cud not be burned! He cud make oter Fowers go unconshus! Hw wood make tings much beter gfor the agunts. He wood give them all TARDISs and let them all blow up the Sues!

He flew throw the halls anf came to Sunfolwers offuce. He used his speshul pawers on teh other Plent. The Sunfowler went unconshus. He was powerlees to stop the Daisy. The Daysey opened a portal to toe the worstest bad story evur! Then he defeated the Markey too and the Agent s was so happy that teh Daisy was made the king fo all the PPC!

Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
Awww! I think the Marqis and the So are underappreciated really and that's what makes them so mean sometimes but this story's good because if they were really mean and stuff then they would deserve this!
Lady Cyskia
oooooohhhhh ur rite!! de poor daisys got no deprtment of its(/his/her/what IZ it anyways?) ownn! ur so nice makin it king & not namin hte badfic soo 2 nt hut ny1s feelinss!!!!!