Author: HotUkuleleLover
Published: 2010/07/14

AN: sense I got revues and stuff I decide to writ anoter storry.

author: HotUkuleleLover
Summry: Ian and Lee deafet teh meen agunt and save teh Daisye!
Cat: PPC, akshun
Rate: PG-13 (cuz tehyr is bad ppl killed. If it wuz gud ppl tehn I wood rate it R)

Ian (woo is leik tttly hott!) was scart of spiders. He wood not tell his pardtner becuz she liek spiedrs and tehy got a mini-argog in tehy mishun. Ian staid on top of his bed all teh time becuz the mini-argof wus in tehy;re RC. 1 day Lee turned into a big cat and tehy went out into the PPC.

It wus a gud day and Ian was hapy to be out of teh RC and aweigh from teh spider and tehy walked and walkled andwalked. Tehy saw agent Suli and her unicorn and Lee said tehy was vury brave for fynding teh pool (Hi Satlie Bisqut! U R so gr8). Then tehy heared taht the evul Sunflwoer Offishul was gone! Tehy was so hapy!

Tehy knew taht the nice Daisey had got rid of taht meen Fowler 4evur! Tehy went and thewy celebrated, and they throwed parteys for teh Dasiey. He was the bestest Fowler of them all! Tehy voted for him to be king and toe make all thos oter fowlers mind him, cuz he waz the boss and stuff.

1 day a of teh meen agunts, key lock, came and tryed to burn the Daisey up! (Oh no!!11!) And Lee wazx a big cat agin and she jumped on taht meen ajent!. And then Ian jump on taht meen agunt and tehy knock him down, and they taked awuy his fire and they tyed him up and tehy bringed him to teh Daiesy and they Daisey said "This is a meen agent! Whut do u have to say for urself bad agent?"

And teh bad agent sayed "U waz wrogn to kill the Sunfwloer!!11! and I will stopp U."

And the Daysey says, "U will not stopp me!"

And the bad agent strugles and tries to get free, but Ian beats him up and Lee scratches him and he dies. And Ian and Lee are heroes! The Daieys make Ian and Lee his bodieguards and tehy protects him 4 always, becuz he is the bestest Flower evur!

Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
Wow they were sooo brave! I would have been sooooo scared if an Agnet came at me with a flmaethrower but Ian and Lee were so brave to stop him! Please write more because it is soo cool to see other Flowers beign the Heroes.
Satlie bisqut
i luved it!!1! grate job!!1! i lyked how u had ian and lee save teh day and stuffs. thnx 4 the shoutout! I luvs u so much!!!