Author: Veridieanne
Fier and ice
Published: 2010/07/20

Summery: Agent Veridienne was recurited to the PPC just after the Marcovirus emergenyc. (Lol, how epic waz that!!!!) Wil she be abel to find love in Hq? This is my fist fanfic, plz leve hepss of reviewz! NO FLMAES!

Category: PPC

RatingL: PG13 for now maybe willl cahnge later!

Gener: Romance, Action

Prologe: Angush in HQ
(A/N: Thsi is in Logans pont of view)

A single tear spilled oit of Agent Scot Logams' iceblue eyes adn fell down his cheek. He looked down at the body of his parner Intropy that was lyinhg in the coridor just outside of RC 8.1353 (A/N: lol! cant remember the number... hope its rite!!)... his parter had dyed when hew as stuck in the corridro when the macrovriusses invayded hQ, and logen had only just found out that eNtropt was dead.

"grow up logan" said Agent Ageis (A/N; shes such s a bithc, i hate ehr!). "stop cyring liek a babey"

Ageis was angry at logan cuz he dumped her a whle bakc for being tyiotally syko causs eshe was totally jelous about how populr Loagn waz. she wanted to keep him all for her...

"i hate you" said Logan, his hott blue eyes narowing and he glared at her. "you're the reason entropy is dead1 i know you weer the one that locked the dorr t5o th RC so he couldnt get inside. i nevr want ti speak with you again"

Lonag turned and walekd away down the corridro of HQ. he wanted to get away rom Aegis and so he kept om walkijg. then he saw he was in the Marqus de Sodds office.

He walked into teh door to tall to the marqusi. He needed to get a new patenr, and was worreid that hed be put with Eagis.

"Pleas e can i get a new partner?' he aske the Fowlwer.

"Ofcourse you can" said the Dasy. The Daiys normelly didnt like Agenst but there was something about how handsem and how sadd Logna lookes tat made the Daisy decisde t obe nic.

"As a mater of fact a new recruet has just arrievd and needs a parter. u can be her partenr. shes in Rc 12372 (A/N: lol! is taht evena realr c. i gues sow!) wich will be ur new rc. youll now work fro dpeartemnt of mary sues, you dont haveto go back to the electric subviision of advanced spaces... yes i know about agent aegis" said the florwer wriggling his petals, "you can get away frpm her now"...

"thankyou, Amrquis" said logan, now similing showing his sparklt white teeth. "ill go to rc 12327 now and meet my new parter."

Logen walked sout of teh Maruqis's offcie and found himself standing ouytside rc 12723 which is his new RC.

He opened the doro and steppe inside...

9A/N: OMG! Whoz gonna be his new partne? Its totally sercet for nwo, but if you R+R ill riet anotehr chapert and yo can find out)

JayBird:- thanks!!! i want to wriet more about Logen an d his new patrer i think that there arent enuff storys showing this side of teh ppc.

Lady Ciskia:- :-) here u go! bet u didnt guess who the new parhet was gonna be!>!>!?

Ellintyra Lloysinthayr (lol i had to copy ur name:- yeha Ageis sux logens new parten is gonna be totally awesomeer

Chapter 2: Recuitment

Logen walked inte the dorr of his new responce cenetr and he stopped in sochk when he saw his new paretnr.

she was tall and wilowey with dark black long hair the color of ravens wings that shimmers and cathches teh lihgt. her face was gorgus with alebastre skin waz white an d palle and was dusted b y a feew freackles on eithha side of her dellicat pointed nose. her eyes were deep greeen pools of liquid emereald fleked with lighter hazle flekcs like cyrstal fire.

she was wearing a bueatiful long slinkey dress that was the colour of sunlighy in the forest which perfectly matched her eye. the dress embrased her body that had curves in al the right palaces.

(A/N OMG I luve this rdess i totaly want one ofr me)

'you must be logen' said the elegent stranger 'i am agent veridianne Starsfire. you ar egoing to be my patner."

Logan bowed and then took one of her milkwhiet hands in his. he kissed it and looked solefuly into her eyers. "pleaseur e to meet you' he said.

"i didnt expect you to be such a gentelman" said veridienee.

Logehn smiled, his totally cuet face lighting up with happyness and he talked to Veeridianne

"taht's becasue your such a prefect lady" he said. "so this is our new rc. which side do you want?" he asked. "i want this rc to be just how you like it".

'oh, id love to put up my poster for evanesence theyre totally my favoruite band.' said vedirenene.

"omg there totally mind too" said logna. "were gonna be totally greta as partner s"

Logen and Veriduenne spends two or three hour s decoriating the reponse center so that it was just like Veridienne wanted it.

Verideiene said "wow this rc is totally awesome now. want to listenm to some music?"

"SUre' said Logan; "put ion a cd."

They sat down and lsitened to evanesceneses latest cd but after a few tracks teh console went BEeEP.

"Oh noes' said Logan. "I was really liking listening to music with you Verideinne."

"Me to" said Verideienne. "Oh well we should go on our first mission together. Come on logan lets go."

Logen and Veridienee walked through teh protal into the mission...

Chapter 3: Missien

There misison was in lord of the rings (OMG i loved that movie soooo much) where they had to stop a Suet who joined the fellowship and wanted to mak e Bromir marry her.

They portelled into Riven Dell. Logen wrote donw the carges for Veridienne. he didnt want her to have to miss out on seeing the totally awesome Elfin city cause it was her first time in middleerath. Veriddiene spent her time talking to the Elvs who complemented her on her beautty and grace.

Logean found Veridiene talking to Arwen. "I am sorry my lady' he said. "we must depart hither on our journey to lands distant adn unknown".

"Fear thy well, Princess Awren" said Veridienne. "I did so enjoy our coversing togethr but alas i must depart".

Veridianne and Logan folowed the fellow ship out of Rivendell, preteding to be travelers on the road in case the fellowship noticed them. Logan couldnt stop admireing how the dawns light was captyred in verideinnes ravendark hair to shimer.

They walked with the fellowship all morning, until they arrived at the gates of Moria after walking for a couple of hours from Rivindell.

The Sue fought the squid thing in the pool all by herseld and then new how that you neede dto say 'melon' to open the doors of morian before gandalf did.

"Mary sue,' said Veridiene. 'we are charging you with being a mary sue and with yousurping the place of cannon characters. you are sentenced to be killed."

The sue fought back. she used her sword to fight the agnets. Verydiane dodges the sword but it strucj Logan in the side. he cried out in pain.

Veridienne looked over at her partner with fear in her deep green eyes, changing to anger at the Sue who dared to hurt her new partner. She used her magic Star Elf powers to kill the sue and heal logan and then newralised the cannon characetrs and opened a portal and brought them back to rc 17263.

"thankyou for saving my life" said Logna after they returned to the rc. he was shaking with adrendaline after the fight. "i am glad i am your partner."

"i wish taht you weer more than jsut my partner" said veridinne. she had a scare when logna was hurt and suddently she realised that she didnt want to loose him. "i wish you'd..."

"no more talk" said logan. he realised that even though hed only known here for a few hours that she was the one for him. she was smart and beautful and a great assasin and shed saved his life...

"i love you Verridien and i want to be your partner in more ways then one"

their eyes met, the hidden fire of her eyes mingled with the cool ice of logans eyes. suddenly he drew her close and held her in his strong arms and then he ran one hand threw her hair and leaned in and kissed her.

(A/N OMG Logan and veriienne are soooo cut together huh? Ill write more if i get 3 more reviews so dont forgetr to R+R!!!!)

Lady Cyskia
[Ch3] nooo i didnt gusS!! hoiw neatt! koooooliseess!
Ummmm good sotry! I tihnk its' nice how you showd us the proess of an agnet getting a ne partner. i dont tihnk Iv'e seen taht befor.
Ummmm good sotry! I tihnk its' nice how you showd us the proess of an agnet getting a ne partner. i dont tihnk Iv'e seen taht befor.
Lady Cyskia
POOOoooooOOOOOoooO!!1!!1 i wannna know i wana kow tellme tell me telllllm em emeee!!!!!!!! wosa da new partner?!?!?!?!?!?!??????????!!?
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
Oh no poor Logan!!!!! That sucks so much him haveing a mean partner like Aiegis and I'm glad the Marqis let him change parnters because yeah she was a BICTH locking Enrtopy out like that! Please please pleaswe write more I wanna see who Logans nrew partner is!1!!