Author: KawaiiKisses
bishi pool party
Published: 2010/07/14

Title: bishi pool party
Summary: ppc bishies have a pool party and do stuff
Category: PPC
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General


there were lots of bishies in the ppc and one day one of them founf the ppc pool and he invited all the others to come and have a pool party.

Thee were tlots of them. There was hawt elfs like Dafydd and Ithalond and Kelvin and lots of others and they were all naked!!!

And one of them brought Drake and he was a kawaii but he didnt want to go in the water cos he'd get wet.

So he just sat in the side and the others went im and they poured bubbles in and then Dafydd was kissing Ithalond and Kelvin was kissing another elf and there were lots of others and they were all kissing and plagyhing in the bubles and havung lots og fun. and Cavan was there and he was all hawt and kawaii and the same time and he got all the others to do sex to each other in the pool and it was great.

and then they gots out o pool and they went and got food together and it was ramen (a/n like Naruot ^_^) and it was tasty.

And they promised to come back again really often and do more pols parties and have fun togetha.

(a/n i hope u like it tell me wat u think the ppc elfs are so hawt arnt they)

Burning Watier
There should also be femmes in that pool.
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
ohhhh right Yhey're cute words and I think i'll save them for in the future! ^_^
ramen is noodles and kawaii is cute. =^-^=
Ellintyra Lloysinthayr
HOOOOTTT!!!!1 That was so hot and cute and sweet and the pool was awesome because nobody ever finds the pool usualy!! And yay for Cavan and Kelvin because I wrote a ficc about them last year too did you see it?

I don't understand some of the words ou use though like kawaii and ramen so what do they mean?? are they Japaneese because they look like it.

Please write MORE! ::::D