Author: KawaiiKisses
chibi of doom
Published: 2010/07/14

Title: chibi of doom
Summary: people ae chibis
Category: PPC
Rating: G
Genre: General/Humor


(a/n becos ellintira was nice but dosnt know Japanese chibi is all shrunken and cute and you can look it up on google and stuff and its so cuuuute)

one day in HQ a agent caled Yvonne woke up and found she was a chibi. 'omg' she said and sweatdropped and waved her arms. 'Im a chibi.' And then she brushed ehr shiny brown hair anyway and loked ib the mirror and saw her blue eyes adh terned pruple. 'Kawaii' she said and she was happy cos thwt were prety.

And she went outside her rc and looked around and everyone was chibis. even the flowers. And they were all so cute!

and they had big eyes except the flowers didnt have and eyes of corse cos they dont have eyes, but all the agents had big huge snhiny eyes and were small and cute.

some of they really liked it she could tell but others didn't and theys were cryiug a lot cos they eanted to be normal angain but Yvonne went up to them and tod them they were cute and they asked 'really?' she said 'really.' and they didnt cry anymore.

but she knew they had 2 turn back soon even id they were all kawaii now so she decided they had to go look for a cure

(a/n thats all for now they look for a cure in the next chappie! =^-^=)