Things Unsaid
Published: 2010/07/14

...Um, er... Sorry for intruding on the fourth wall, I tend to do that without even trying...

Anyways. You may remember me from MAXinsanity's permission piece, which was a total failure for him. And I want a little bit of revenge, not only on you people, but him as well. After one too many tweaks to my backstory and several unfinished attempts at fixing it himself, I couldn't take it any longer and decided to pay him a visit.

...And so I locked him in the closet and wrote this on his computer. It's far more interesting, far more brilliant than what you humans could ever write. After all, who would possibly be able to know the words better than a fictional character, having been written themselves?

I know, I know... I've written this with utter seriousness, but because neither MAXinsanity or myself have permission, I'll just have to put it here and hope it gets seen...

Summary: A different look at the PPC, written in my perspective. Me and my partners kill three Pokemorph sues, and several other "entertaining" things.

Category: PPC (Protectors of the Plot Continuum)

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Action, Angst

Story: http://...;hl=en

The content of the link is the story, and not the link itself. It's just like that because the story is kind of big.

And remember, Weere in ur fictionz, watchin u rite. D: