Author: NiGhT-fIrE-wOlF
waiting for love
Published: 2010/07/15

Chapter 1

a/N: this is a story i've been planing to rite for a rly long tyme; these agents r so ovbiously ment for each ohter but they're author must be stupid r somethin cause shes never done anythin abut it. this is mi 1st fanific evar so plz plz r&r!! ill luv u 4ever!!1
and soooo much thanks 2 Ellintyra Lloysinthayr (lol i had to copypast her namw cauzwe its awesom but rly hard 2 spel) for bein my bata!!1

Everyon thought Agent teek was angry and vilent. Ppc boys never talkled to her cause they thought she would stab them wiht her Klignon sword or cut there heads off with hre litesabere and stomp on them. (a/n she awlways wor combat boots so that wuld hurt!! lol) it seeme d like she never wanred to be loved.

but Teek ahd a secret, buryed deep in the most speical and secret place of her pasionatte heaert. she fought evreyone becuase she was waiting for her true love, and if she had to she would wait her whole lief if it menrt she culd fal into his arms as she dyed, and let one last crystal tear fall on his hand,

But even He coulkd not know her secret, because teek could never be the one to proclaym her love, girls didnt do that and she was to shy anyway,

so she pretended to hate him too, just lyk any other guy, and tryed to forget that it tore her pasionnate heart in pieces to deceive him.

all she could do was dream of happyiness until He recsued her.

Cahpter 2

He loved her wirth the passion of a billion burning stars, with a love so pur and baeutifull that it over flowed his heart like a sparkling waterfall of love.

but he couldn't tell her.

it wasnt that he didnt know if she loved him back. the obnly problem was himself. himself and his evil author wgho had mad him a monster. if he let himself love Teek, he might lose controll and hurt her.

evry night he dreamd that zhkrarek took over and made him hurt tEek, and the whol time the real him would scream in aogny insyde his head at wat he saw himself do but eh couldnt do anything and hed wake up crying and have to hide his face so teek wouldnt see him crying becaise shed think he was a sissy.

but crying was all he could do, because he had to let out his love somehow or it would burn him up from the inside like an ifnerno and his soul would drown forverr in its flames.

he couldnt live without her, but he knew if he even only kissed her he woudlnt be able to stop himself.

"I'm a monster, hed say, when teek was alseep. Im to dangeorous and shell never luv me and she porbably thinks all cardasains are evill anyway bcaeus most of us are.

but if i cant tell her my love ill surley die."

all he culd do was dream of the day shed love him too, and try to forget his horible nihgtmares.

thanks!!!!1 i wish i owned these agents... oh well.

ill defintley try 2 get antoehr chappie up soon!

Cyskia is a rly prerty name, ur right! evil parents!
Lady Cyskia
oooooOOOOOOooooyyy i lik ur teek shs=es soo sad n londly & theyre story iz soo SADDS! writ more SOOOOOOOOONNNN!N!N!N!!!

i red ur profil 2 & i knoow wat u mean!! iwant 2 chnge my nme 2 bt my folkss wnt let m. cysika iz a mch btr name dan my reel 1!!!
OMG thats sooooooo sad ur such a gud riter!!!!!! i hop they get 2gether do they get 2gether omg tell me they gget 2gether!!!!!!!!!! do more now!!!!!!!