Author: D4rkm0k
In the DIO
Published: 2010/07/15

Agent Eamon Brightbeard walked along the corridors of the ppc hq. He was late for his monthly meeting. He led a lonely existance in the ppc. It is hard being away from everyone who understands you. His partner was a stupid troll and did not understand him at all. So he got together with the only people who would understand him even though they were not from the same place. As he was walking he came to a secret door. He opened the door and walked through the secret passage. When he came out the other side of the secret passage he was in DIO central. He looked around and saw his good friend Agent Justin Agent ssitting across the room. Agent Justin looked impatient that Agent Eamon was late. He said "Ye are late Eamon. Where hath thou been?" Agent Eamon said "I hast been walking through the hq. I didst trye to get here on tyme. My partner hath been a pain in my ass. I couldst verily useth a distraction." Agent Justin smiled at his friend. He said "Ye haveth my axe." Then he stood up and moved his beard out of the way so he could unbutton his shirt. When the dwarfs had their shirts off you couldn't tell where the beard ended and the chest hair started. (Dwarfs are really hairy but you can't tell because they wear all that armor all the time and it presses it down.) Then they took off their pants and were naked. There cocks were allready hard and they were each over 12 inches long and really wide. (They have to be really long to get through all the hair that they are covered in.) Agent Eamon turned around and Agent Justin started to have sex with him. After a few minutes they switched positions and Agent Brightbeard had sex with Agent Justin. While they were doing it the secret door opened and another Dwarf walked in and said "Wherefore art thou doing that guys?" (Wherefore means why. I learned that in my english class last year.) Agent Jane Doe was the Dwarf that walked in. She had a beard just like the guys did. The guys stopped having sex for a minute to look at Agent Jane. Agent Jane said "I thought thou wouldst wait for me." Then she took a gold strap-on out of her pocket and joined them. (It is made of gold because gold is like lube for dwarfs.) They all took turns having sex with each other for an hour and then they got dressed and said they would see each other next month.

A/N: I thought that all the dwarfs needed to get laid. They are so stuffy...that's why all Dwarfs talk in Olde English. So I had all the dwarfs in the hq get together. Hope you liked it. I am working on another story already and it should be even better.

Lady Cyskia
well um ok then but elfs R HAWWWWT!!!
It is not Oldspek it is Olde Englishe. And alot of people don't use it only Dwarves. I figured it out when I was reading the mission where Agent Eamon saved an Orc from someone. Agent Eamon says "ye" when he means "you" and that is Olde Englishe and if one Dwarf uses it then they all must because that is how it works in fantasy worlds. And I bet you wouldnt mind it if there were Elves getting laid instead of Dwarves. Everyone is racism against Dwarves!
Lady Cyskia
OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!1!1!1!!! theyre usin OLDSPEK!!1!!! wom um i didnt knoww ny1 stil used dat

but ew um u culdve bin ls grafic i mean yea dwarfvs need 2 gt laid bt u dint hav 2 SHOW itTT!!!!