Author: ExtraRingwraith
Hi!1!!! Here is a poem fic because im crazy and i cant get my brain to write actul stories
Published: 2021/09/06

Her mission to kill the Witchking of Angmar completed, Rebecca sat on a rock and sang

"Ancient days all have passed away

And the loveless rule the land

Now good men fear their friends' swords and spears

For a traitor's pay no man will stay

And be true to all his oaths

A lover's kiss falls on bleeding lips

As weeping fills the air

For the faithless wait behind every gate

Wielding swords with their poisoned words

Now I long for the days when all men were true

And a man's word was his bond

But now my tears fall on deafened ears

For no one will hear my words"

Lilith Wydenbrooke
ur so gud @ poetry!!!!
omg i cried :'( IT IS SO GOOD U r sOoOo talented!!!! plz rite mor