Author: FunGirl
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Published: 2021/09/07
Chappy 1!

Chatper 1: Beginnenings


Groaning you rolled out of your bed and tried to remember were you were. oh right. you were at the PPC because your terrible mother had sold you to the PPC because she couldnt pay the bills because she was an alcolic.


"Y/N!!!" mom screeched like an angry owl. "get out of bed!!! you lazy!!! girl!!!"

Groaning you rolled out of your bed and put your naturally blonde with blonde highlights hair up in a messy bun and then you put on your biggest hoodie that said PPC Protectors of teh Plot Continum on it and it had all of the hottest guys on it like Hinesoron and some others. The hoodie was way too big on you cuz your too skinny and everyone hates you but you also look so pretty when you have just woken up though you are like barely aware of it. you went down to breakfast and there was mom still super mad but you werent even late so you dint know why.

"y r u so mad?" you asked and mom thrw a piece of toast at your face like a shurken.

"don't disrespect your elders!!!" she scremed. "you are so lazy and rude!!! I cant have you in the house nemore!!! I am selling you to the PPC!!!!"

"what" you cried tears streaming down your face from your orbs that were sparkling with tears.

"they will straighten you out an no mistake!!! and they are paying a hefty sum might I add!!! this will buy me a lot of booz and also drugs!!!"

You couldnt believe that your mom was selling you to the PPC for drug money. but it was true! You thought you could run away from it but she made you pack a bag so you took your big duffle bag and you put all of your clothes that were black and all your potted plants (you love potted plants for some raisin) and a poster of Hs wearing a golden cape and your stationary computer and eighteen books. you loved to read because you were not like other girls that were all about make-up but you were still naturally so much prettier than them.

Mom called you down again. You took one last look at your room and crid some more then you took your bag and left. There was someone new in the kitchen and mom was counting hundreds in piles and piles on the table.

"hi" said the sunflower official thtat was there. "i have herd a lot of good things about you Y/N. Are you ready to become an assassni?"


So here you are about to get a mission. BUT. Who is your PARTNER?!?!?! FIND OUT

(since i am only 14 if you are mean to me in comments I am callin the FBI! it is my FIRST FANFIC)

Chapper Twop: The PARTNER

"get up sleepyhed we have a mission" said a sexy voice from the other side of the bed and you looked over there blinking slep from your orbs.

over there was a guy he had dark hair and pointy ears he was hott. AND. You recognised him!! how was that possble??

"u are Hinesoron!" you gasped. "wait. U are my partner?"

"my reputation preseeds me" he smirked an you blushed. "yeah. the SO put us together. i wont be babysittin you tho so dont get any ideas. no rules when it comes to sue killing."

omg. he was so sarcasic. You got out of bed and grabbed your bag sniffing.

"well lets go" you said being a profeshnal.

"ooo new kid gonna get teh job done?" he smirked raisin an eyebrow. "thats rich."

"um actually i am not new i have read all teh ppc missions" you said because u have. "i will be an elf when we go to middleearth" an you put in the buttons that you will be an elf with pointy ears and long blonde hair an a bow an arrow.

Hiunosoron is impressed. "you have red them all wow u are not like other girls i am impressed" he said raising an eyebrow. "ok new kid lets go."

you were so pleased cuz u had sounded cool and you are not like other girls other girls cant read but THEN you stumbled and fell over cuz u are clums. BUT. u felt a pear of stong arms rapped aroun dyou. OMG. he had CAUGHT u!!!

"carful new kid" he smirked "don want u hurtin urself....."

then he got quite. he staired into your orbs an u starred into his orbs. your lips were so close you could smell his breathe an he was moving closer an closer

Author's Note: OMG what is goin to HAPPEN!!!? FIND OUT NEX TTIME!!!! Comments made me rite FASTER lol!!1

[Ch 2] i rite Hs HOW I LIEK i think he would just be hotter if he was mean 1st and then got nicer??? it is called an ARC. um an i have red all teh jaycacia storis but this is MY STORY and i rite HOW I WANT

um ur story is rilly old an i dint even red it lol so maybe dont acuse me its not even tru????
[Ch 2] R u sure tha'ts Huineoron? Bcuz he sounds ore like Sumernumberary. He's a meenie in canon and he SUX, and Huinesoron is NOT. He is the same peson as Dafydd ad Supernumersary is ihs EVIL father, wchih u would NO if u read JayBird's stories which u SHOULD bcuz they r GR8!

Also r u steeling MY idea of having an new anget oartnered w/Huineoron, bcuz I totes did that 1st. ): U should R&R my story "A 2nd Chance"! and if u do mabe I wil rite more!!! lol :DDD

[Ch 2] ok i have teh FBI on SPEED DAIL!!! um she hasnt even been on a mission yet!!! so!!! i hav red all of jaycacias storis and i am not a PLAGIRISER so i rite y/n how i LIKE and maybe she has powers but their SECRET did you even think bout that????? NO U DINT cuz U A HATER
Lilith Wydenbrooke
[Ch 2] i dont like this "y/n" and "you" chara :( they seem so boRING? where iz da cool powers??? u should read jaybird's stories. jaycacia is so much better than y/n!!!
thanks for the explanation. i was imagining the plants being stuck in a very small duffelbag and getting squashed.
it is a RILLY BIG BAG OK i am callin the FBI if u are MEEN
Putting potted plants in a duffle bag is a bad idea, but now I want to find out what happens next.
um DUH instead of Y/N u can just put YOUR NAME?!?!? so instead of Y/N u can pretend it says lillith Whydenbroke an u dont have to b so MEEN!
Lilith Wydenbrooke
omg i am like OBSESSD w u!!! it is an HONOUR 2 b reweiwd by THE GRATE!!!

ansers will come!!! soon!!
omg I want that hoodier though I'd perfer one withhe hottest GIRLS on it obsicousl.

Can't wait to find out who youre partner is! I cant' guess at all!