Author: lololRANDUMXD
Hostile takeover
Published: 2021/09/07

Chapter 1

It was a good day in the RC.

"is a good day today." said Chelsea.

"It is indeedy." said Lemon.

Chelsea had decided she grew tired of being the perfect hjacker goddess, so she decided to be the embodiment of sloth, one of the seven deadly sans.

"sigh, I miss my shadow clones" mussed Lemon. "They were very convenient in cleaning the house."

"Dude, just get new ones."

"I can't, I missed the deadline to renew my shadow clone liscence."

"There's a licence?" Chelsea stared wide-eyed. "Wow"

Chelsea, doing what she does best, stares at a wall. "You know what I think?"

"What," asked the rat, looking for something to do.

"You ought to have a name change."

Lemon crossed her arms. "No."

"Cmon, it's only two letters swtched around!" Chelsea did jazz hands. "Your name could've been Melon!"

"Well," said Lemon thinkingly, "it would be interesting."

Then there was a couple of knocks on the door. "Helllllllo?"

"Ah, that must be May Ruse," said Chelsea. Chelsea squided to the door and opened it to find it was indeed May Ruse. Also there was a rat who looked just like Lemon except she was green and had melons on her.

May spoke "sup gaiiiiiizzzzz"

"Stop that." Lemon said.

May fromned. "You're no fun. btw, I think this is your cousin."

"I have no such cousin."

The green lemon stuck her tongue out. "Your's a meanie. Telling me LIEEEEEEEEES---"


The lemon bonked the green rat's head. "You stop that too."

"HUMBPNP" The green rat humphed.

"Who are you."

"I am Melon, your second cousin thrice removed"

Lemon did a big sigh.

"Duede, isn't this like, a family reunion and stuff?" asked Chelsea.

And then the four girls chatted about stuff.

"I think it's time for you to leave." sated Lemon.

"Foin." And then Melon left.

"I hope we see her again!" said May.

"ANYWAY," said Chlesea. "We were talking about name changes for Lemon before you cane!"

May looked excitedly at the squid. "Ohh, like what?"

"Don't do it!" cried Lemo.

"Your name could be Demon!" said Chelsea.

"There would be implications if my name were Demon!"

There was a couple of knocks on the door. "You called?" said someone.





"Hurry! to the mission!" And then Chelsea and Lemon and May beeped the button and jumped into a portal

Demon entered the room. "Wow, rude much?"

To be continued????

Chapter 2

The agents had returned from a very difficult mission, but they were clean without even a spot of sue blood since they were very very very good assassins and also there was only one sue.

"YAY" Then Chelsea flopped on the floor.

It was then when Lemon noticed a notice on the console. She picked up a piece of paper.

It said


Since you were so rude to call me and then having the audacity to SCREAM at me, I have cast a curse on this RC.




"Wow," said May Ruse "theres ham in this" Mat then proceeded to take the ham away from the letter and ate it.

"Ooh, when will there be agents?" Chelsea asked. "Cause I'm thinking of beating the squit out of them."

"No no," Lemon said. "We will call upon Demon and beat the squit out of him instead"

Then they waited for him to appear.

There were a few knocks on the door.

"I'll get it!" Then May opened the door.

It was a couple of humans, one musclely military security guard dude and a pretty country dress girl.

"Holy squit! Humans!" Chelsea cried.

The country dress girl crossed her arms. "We've come to take your RC!"

"Over my dead body!" said Chelsea.

Then the muscley dude pulled out a gun and shot Chelsea and then she died.

Lmon gasped, May Ruse gasped. "You [BLEEEEEEP]s!"

And then an epic fight started! They punched and kicked and stuff (the security dude never shot his gun cause lemon desarmed him) and there was magicy stuff like when dress girl uses her crystal to make lightning but she shot and she missed

Chelsea then slammed the bathroom door open from the inside and then saw a fight going on. "Holy Mackeroni"

May Ruse used her space powers on the muscley dude. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because we never got our RC's even though we're agents!" said the muscle dude.

"Now we were doomed to wander through the halls RCless!" said the dress girl. "Oh and it's Quinn not dress girl"

"what" said Chelsea

"I thought it was Cordelia? Or Cornelia?" said muscle dude.

"Well, it's Quinn now, mr Seymour butts!" said Quinn.

"Hey now!" (A/N: You're a rockstar!)

Then Chelsea threw a water balloon except it was filled with pink ink.

Quinn cried. "You ruined my dress! This means war!"

And then war had begun. They fought nd stuff. The war ended when both humans were knocked out.

"Wanna kick'em out?" asked Chelsea

"Yes." said Lemon.

Then the girls tossed the two humans out of the RC.

"That'll show em!" said May Ruse.

"Now what?"


To be continued!

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haha yea that#s prety random! I liked the partm where theyre al animals! A hedgnwoh as a PPC Agent sounds super cool!!