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Hi, I'm LizardFancier, aka. 2109Pride. I had to set up a new account because trolls kept spamming my old one with bad reviews. They said I couldn't write, and maybe that was true, but now I've been taking a lot of classes and reading a bunch of the really great literature (even though it's really boring ~ _ ~), and I've learned a lot about what makes writing good. So anyway, this is my first new fic: what better way to dazzle you all with my newfound competence than by authoring a fanfic involving the supreme arbiters of good writing, the PPC? It took me about three weeks to do, and I had to use three different thesauri (that's the plural of thesaurus, in case you didn't know!), so it might go over a lot of people's heads. But if you can appreciate real literature, enjoy! ;]
Agent Clarke Smithers, Floater Agent of the PPC, pursues his quarry in a fictional world.