The Dreaded Saltshaker
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I am The Dreaded Saltshaker. I have been writing for some years, and find the PPC funny. I also see paths the authors have left unexplored with their characters.

Characters I have shipped, by fandom:

Tawaki/Dustin (Just because they're married doesn't mean they won't play the field. BTW, I posted a time travel mpreg fic with this ship to (Dragons in our Midst/Misc x-overs) back in 2008. Sadly, both the DioM and PPC fans flamed it to hell and back, it got removed, and to make matters worse it was lost when my hard disk died)
Dustin/Verra (Because Five of Six and Alec Troven are both overrated)
Tawaki/Chrysocome (Their DNA isn't even the same anymore)
Snapshot/Alice (Why not?)
Suicide/Ithalond (Suicide does hail from ancient Greece, after all)
Cavan/Luxury (They're so similar in personality, and they both come from worlds where Really Gets Around is the norm)
Jara/Zan (Death has parted Jara and Ket, you know)

Madison/Nara (From the Myst OFU; despite the cliffhanger, you can see the Foe Yay coming a mile away)
Miss Minnaloushe/Kihr (From the Cats OFU)
Heather/Terry (From the Friendship Is Magic OFU)

Stories in progress
Return to HQ -- Madison is back, and Nara is now an agent. Can they pick up where they left off?
The Time Vector -- An attempt to redo the Tawaki/Dustin fic that drew so much ire on FFN.
[T | Romance - Madison O'G. & Other Student] She's a no-nonsense PPC Pyro. She's a squeeing fangirl. Can they find love? Femslash, Madison and Nara. Don't like, don't read.
Dustin O'Grady and Verra Rose. OMGTheirloveissodraconic! 5 and Alec bashing, character death. Soon after LoR. [PG-13 | Romance]